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Friday, February 3, 2023

Milk Bone Present

Good morning,

We order almost everything on line now so the delivery people from a variety of companies are here often.

When Kjell went outside to pick up the two items delivered by Amazon today, this Milk Bone Dog Cookie was on top of the packages.  Now is that sweet, or what! 

I'm confident the drivers can see Wendy and our other pups watching them as items are delivered.  That's Wendy in the Blog header watching out the front french doors.  

Our pups have never come into direct contact with the drivers, but they all surely know the others are there.  Maybe the "Wipe Your Paws" front door mat is a clue, too....

I'm so impressed and so are the pups. 



Sherry said...

At one time, years ago, I had a UPS driver that would do that! Can't say that my dogs have never come in contact with the delivery drivers! On occasion, especially Bailey, will slip out the door and demand attention from the driver. Most of the time, it is appreciated and reciprocated! Once I had a lady driver that was afraid of dogs! Can you imagine??? Of course, my dogs are so vicious!

Tanya said...

What a nice thing for your delivery man to do.