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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Candy Stripe Tulip

 Good morning,

I only have one of these left after thirty years.  I guess I could raise the bulb at the end of the season and check to see if there are any new bulbs I could separate, but I don't want to risk losing this one.

I call this my Candy Stripe Tulip, but I'm sure there is a different official name for it.

There was a period many years ago when I attempted to plant as many different varieties of tulips and daffodils as I could find.  I found quite a few, that's for sure!

Happy Spring!





Saturday, April 10, 2021

This Week's WIP

 Good morning,

A few weeks ago I showed you the center of this crochet piece.  I was working with a pattern stitch design trying to decide if I wanted to make something with it and, if so, what.

I really liked what I saw so have continued adding rows of pink and grey to this one.  A couple of days ago I thought it might be a baby blanket and I'd add a toy to go with it, but now the blanket has grown into a large lap or even recliner blanket.  Stand by for what I decide it will be when finished.  I'm having fun with this stitch!

In the meantime, I made a lap blanket in the same stitch, but different colors.  It is in the shop here if you'd like to see how it looks finished.

What are you making, baking, growing this week?

All the best,



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Friday, April 9, 2021

Yet Another Type of Daffodil

 Good morning,

The new blossoms in the garden today are yet another type of daffodil.  These are the same height - 12 to 15 inches - as the common King Alfred yellow daffodils, but the flowers are clusters of multiple blossoms on the top of each stem.  The blossoms are extremely fragrant.  

Each day something different is blooming.

I love it!

Happy Spring,


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Red Bud Trees in Bloom

 Good morning,

A few days ago our Tulip Magnolia bloomed outside our dining room doors.  

This week our Red Bud Trees are in bloom outside our living room doors.  

I absolutely LOVE Spring!



Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tulips are Pink Violets are Lavender

 Good morning,

The parade of color continues in our garden.

 It is so much fun to go outside and see what is newly blooming in the garden each morning.  

I'm so glad I spent so much time in the garden years ago because we are still reaping the benefits of bulbs, trees, and shrubs that continue to bloom year after year.

 What is blooming now where you live?

Happy Spring!


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fragrant Daffodils

 Good morning,

It is amazing how just a few Daffodils can fill a room with the sweet fragrance of Spring.

Happy Spring!




Monday, April 5, 2021

The Easter Bunny Came!

 Good morning,

The Easter Bunny Came!  Those were the words we heard from the kids every year as they were growing up.  It seems the Easter bunny  has remembered where we live all these years.  ;)

 Not only did the Easter Bunny find us again, Catherine made a spectacular Easter brunch for the three of us.   

We hope you all had as an enjoyable Easter as we all had.

All the very best,


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Birthday, Idlebrook Bjorn Erik Evensen (Erik)

 Good morning,

Our Erik will be 12 years old tomorrow on Easter Sunday.

Of course, there will be a party.  But, ssssh, please don't tell him.





Friday, April 2, 2021

Needlework and Wood Working Update - April, 2021

 Good morning,

Welcome to this month's Needlework and Wood Working Update. 

Above is a new carving from Kjell, "Faces of Love."  What a lovely Wedding or Anniversary gift.  It is to be mounted on the wall without a frame. The depth of the carving provides movement and texture as you move around the room.  $83.  More images and information here.

 "Holy Family" is another wood carving intended to be displayed directly against a wall without a frame.  The beauty and depth of the carving is exceptional.  $83.  Only one available.  More information and images here.

 Kjell made this set of nautical coasters for our own recreation room.  They're large enough to accommodate a large coffee cup, too.  The designs are walnut inlay.  These are even more beautiful in person. 

 This has been the month of the afghan blanket for me.  I am restocking very popular colors and designs that have sold out quickly recently.  This is the newest one "Stained Glass Flower Garden," is available here.  $165.  Only one available.

 This is another version of "Flower Garden" that sold out during the previous month.  $165.  Only one available.  More images and details here.  

 This bed or couch size large "Warm Browns Afghan Blanket" is a favorite color combination of circles and squares very appropriate as a gift for a man or a woman.  I like to think of these colors as Vanilla Chocolate Swirl since I'm such an ice cream lover.  $165.  Only one available.  More images and details here.

 Here is a lap blanket in the same color design as the larger couch or bed size blanket shown above it.  $65.  More images and details here.

These two face masks were a custom order and have been delivered.  We have many available in the shop here, too.

And, finally for this month are two Cloche Hats that also make excellent Chemo Caps.

We have several dozen Cloche Hats/Chemo Caps in a variety of colors and styles from $8. here.

We sincerely appreciate your encouragement, comments, shares, likes, favorites, and purchases, too!

All the very best,



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Thursday, April 1, 2021

NOT April Fools Joke!

 Good morning,

Mother Nature is messing with us.  I took this image this morning when I opened the back kitchen door.  Yes, that's snow.  Really.  It's snow.  Yes, it's cold enough to snow.  Yes, it is still coming down and is getting deeper as I type.

I took this image on the front side of the house a couple of days ago when the temperature was in the 70's.

Yep, Mother Nature is reminding us who is in charge here!

Happy Spring!