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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Honey Bees and Dandelions

 Good morning,

If you look at the flower toward the bottom of the image, you'll see a honey bee hard at work collecting pollen.

To be sure the honey bees have enough pollen to harvest, many environmentalists encourage us to leave our dandelions alone rather than "weeding" our gardens.

An interesting note about dandelions:  they were originally planted to provide salad greens, but managed to spread so profusely that they became known as weeds.

Ah, yes, Spring....



Saturday, April 13, 2024

Red Bud Trees

 Good morning,

The Red Bud Trees are spectacular this year!  What makes them even more fun is that these are "volunteers."  

Forty five years ago I had a Red Bud tree planted just to the left of the two you see in the image above.  Eventually, a big storm took it out and I thought we were without our pretty spring flowering tree.

 But, here we are with more lovely blossoms.

The two trees you see in the first image grew on their own, whether from roots of the original tree or from seeds.  I certainly didn't plant them, but when I discovered they were growing there, I marked them so they would not be mowed down during grass cutting.

We have a third Red Bud tree "volunteer" out closer to the street.  For about a month, our front yard is just magical with the pink flowers.

Happy Spring!


Friday, April 12, 2024

Sweet Little Violets

 Good morning,

We have violets growing in the space between portions of our sidewalk and I'm not trying to get rid of them.  

The violets not only provide a lovely band of color, they remind me of my childhood when I, with some of the other girls in the neighborhood, picked violets and made chain necklaces out of them.  

Lovely childhood memories.

The pink petals are from the Tulip Magnolia.  See yesterday's post.

All the best,


Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tulip Magnolia

 Good morning,

Our Tulip Magnolia continues to provide us with beautiful flowers.  

We had a night of several hours of frost this week so many of the flowers turned dark, but there were still more available to bloom.  

So lovely!



Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Eclipse in Ohio

 Good morning,

We had clear skies on Monday so were able to enjoy the Eclipse as it passed through our part of the world.  Usually, when I look up, there are many, many contrails indicating a great deal of traffic in the skies above us.  Monday afternoon, however, there was a single sign of an airplane.  I'm sure those aboard had a great view of the eclipse.

The Eclipse began here just before 2 PM.  We took our four dogs outside to enjoy the beautiful weather while watching the sunlight fade, then reappear.  The dogs had no reaction to the whole thing.  Note the crescent-shaped shadows on the patio.  Of course, this was during the actual eclipse when the moon was passing in front of the sun, then the sunlight was filtered through the trees above our patio.

As the sky darkened, the floodlights began to come on.  It was actually darker than it appears in these pictures.
I found myself in the spotlight on the patio.  It was extremely dark inside the house.

As it was getting lighter again, I pointed my phone camera to the sky and snapped this picture.  I didn't try to look at the sun.

This was a fun experience.  We had an eclipse back in 2017, but it wasn't as complete as this year.  This year we had 99.4 % blackout.  What's coincidental about that here in Cincinnati, if you're old enough, you may remember Procter & Gamble's Ivory Soap being "99, 44, 100% pure."  For some silly reason that just rang a bell with me.  Cincinnati is P&G's home town.

So that's my "eclipse report."  If you were so inclined, I hope you were able to see it wherever you were last Monday.

All the best,


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Larger JoAnn Store

 Good morning,

I am so pleased that we will have a larger JoAnn store in our favorite shopping area.  If you look carefully, you can see the "JO" of the sign on the old store waaay to the right side of the image.  The new Joann store location and Kohl's are moving into an abandoned grocery store building.  This building has been under renovation for ages - probably a couple of years.

Although I source materials from a number of locations, I like JoAnn's for so many craft items.  The old store was much smaller so didn't carry a very big range of yarns.  When I needed specific fibers and/or colors to fill orders for our shop,  I generally ordered on line to get enough of the same dye lot or bought elsewhere.

A sign on the front of the new location indicates this location will open soon.  I look forward to browsing - and most probably buying.  ;)

All the best,


Monday, April 8, 2024

Misty Morning

Good morning,

Well, we have another misty morning.  More rain!  I truly believe the old saying:  April Showers will bring May Flowers.

Actually, the fog is almost magical with the pink flowers.  Very pretty!