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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Black Iris

 Good morning,

I remember the package stating these are Black Iris when I planted them more than 30 years ago.

Of course, they are actually a beautiful reddish brown color.  I've always loved these and am so pleased they have stood the test of time in our garden.



Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Girls at the Gate

 Good morning,

This is Kjell's reception committee at the driveway gate.  Was he gone long?

No, he just took the trash can to the curb.  

Nothing gets past this team!



Tuesday, June 6, 2023

We're Going to Need a Bigger Pool!

 Elsa:  Mom!  We're gonna need a bigger pool!

Me:  This is your "cooling off" pool, Elsa.  It's to dissuade you from getting in the gold fish pond.  You have a huge pool to enjoy elsewhere for real swimming.

 Elsa:  Oh, yes, I know....

Monday, June 5, 2023

Maritime Marine Engineers and Dogs

 Good morning,

I picked up this gem from Facebook and it fits so well I had to share it here.

Of course, regular readers know we are dog lovers as are most of our readers.  Many also know My Honey is a Maritime Marine Engineer who before retirement worked at sea for 50 years and was Chief Engineer licensed to serve on any size ship world wide.

That all makes this series of images so very perfect!



Chief of Secruity

 Good morning,

Kjell sent me this picture of Erik enjoying a pretty day outside.

Fourteen year old Erik is retired from Agility, Dock Diving, and Gun Dog duties.  He is now our Chief of Security and he does a very good job at it.

In fact, he sometimes does too good a job at it and barks more than he needs to.  He has a little doggie dementia so isn't quite sure when he should and shouldn't bark.  When he starts barking at "nothing," we bring him back inside for our own sanity and that of our neighbors.

Erik is a sweet old guy.  We are lucky he is still with us.


Sunday, June 4, 2023

Indoor Picnic Comfort Food

 Good morning,

Summer comfort food!  No, it's not necessarily healthy, but sometimes we just need a little comfort food.




Saturday, June 3, 2023

Wet Labradors

 Good morning,

Well, well, well....  After yesterday's post featuring our three girls asking to come into the house because it was raining, here they are today enjoying the baby pool.

 This is a very wet Baby Lily who just loves the water.

 We keep the baby pool open to cool our pups off and to keep them from taking a dive in the gold fish pond.  I'm sure the fish hate to see them coming!

Our pups also enjoy a friend's in-the-ground pool that is open for the pups all summer. 

 Ah, yes, Summer fun!