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About the Header Image: Idlebrook Wendy Darling Evensen, our new little "Wendy."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back Door Guards

Good morning,

OK, another dog picture.  They are just so cute that I just can't help myself. 

Erik and Wendy are on back door duty here, guarding it from any trolls or other wicked creatures from entry into the kitchen where good food is prepared.

They are so sweet and so efficient at the jobs!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Graduate

Good morning,

Our little Wendy has completed her first class at our dog club!  :)  She is now a Gradulate of Puppy Kindergarten.  Her handler is our daughter, Catherine.
Here Wendy's older "sister," Penny, is offering congratulations.  :) 



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guard Duty

Good morning,

Our dogs compete in AKC Agility Trials, but are also an integral part of our security system.
Here they are on the job.
It's amazing how well the older dogs train the younger ones.
 Little Wendy makes as much noise as Penny and Erik when someone unknown approaches.
 This is a good thing. :)
 We get a kick out of watching the dogs on our security cameras, too, when they don't know we are watching them.  They are very good at their jobs.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Leggy Blondes Sun Bathing

Good morning,

The title says it all.

 Are you watching us?
 And, one last shot of the little babe.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crock Pot Ham and Cabbage - Easy Peasy Dinner

Good morning,

Busy day?  We had an overcast/rainy day this week so there would be no grilling outside.

The recipe for this is so easy that I can't say there is any work to it at all except picking out and bringing home the indgredients.

Here's the recipe:

2 heads cabbage
1 cottage ham about 2 lbs.
3 or 4 cups water
Pepper to taste

Wash the cabbage.
Cut one head of cabbage into large chunks.
Place the chunks on the bottom of large flat crock pot
Place the cottage ham in the center on top of first layer of cabbage.
Cut second head of cabbage in chunks and "pack them around sides of ham and on top if you have enough cabbage.
Add water.
Add pepper.

Cover and turn crock pot to high for first two hours, then to low for four hours.  If you're not going to be home or don't have programmable crock pot, set on low for seven hours.
Serve with freshly mashed potatoes. 

Comfort food.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

MACH 3 Penny

Good morning,

We have so much pride about our the accomplishments our Labrador Retriever, Penny, and our daughter, Catherine (left), Penny's trainer.  Penny is smiling, too!

Penny has reached another milestone, AKC Master Agility Champion 3.  Above you see her being presented with her ribbon by the AKC judge (right.)
These are some of the images that just arrived from the professional photographer at the trial and I am so proud that I am sharing them here.
Penny and Catherine will be honored at the AKC National Labrador Retriever Agility Trial in Gettysburg, PA, in October.
Penny is a true athlete.
We are all so very proud!!!!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Wendy's Growth Chart

Good morning,

Wendy is still enjoying her own patio chair.  She blogged about it here on August 27.  See image below:
We have discovered this chair is the perfect growth chart for Wendy. If you compare the two pictures taken about three weeks apart, you can see how quickly she is growing.  :) 

Soon she won't fit on the chair at all.