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About the Header Image: Winter in Kentucky, USA. Temperature was -5 F. Image taken through car window while traveling at 65 mph on Interstate Highway.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Where do Big Barns Come From?

Good morning,

Do you know where big barns come from?
They surely come from little barns!

Buy your little barn from a responsible breeder.


OK - I get a little corny sometimes.  I think it's the weather.  ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Day for a Picnic in Cincy

Good morning,

I'm going through pictures I took just before we left Cincinnati last week. 

There will be no picnics in Cincinnati for awhile!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meet Shadow

Good morning,

Meet Shadow.  That pretty feline is also a member of our household now that our Granddaughter Anna is living with us. 
Anna texted these images to me that she took with her camera phone.
Shadow was cuddling with Anna's knit hat that I made for her.
Although our dogs and Shadow get along just fine, Shadow lives in a part of the house where they are only together once in awhile.

That is a good thing.  ;)

All the best,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Trip to Viera Wetlands

Good morning,

Whenever we get near Melbourne, Florida, we have to stop at Viera Wetlands for a quick visit.
There is always someone here to greet us and provide for some great images to take home.
The birds hang out here waiting for lunch to pass through the recirculating water.
Of course, Mr. Alligator is out there, too, waiting for lunch to pass by.
So pretty!
 These two young guys were here with their Mom who didn't seem to have them under control.  They were throwing rocks at alligators, who, incidentally, don't have any fences between them.  Not only is it dangerous, it is just plain WRONG to throw rocks at the animals at the Wetlands or anywhere.

The Mom in me told the kids to stop throwing the rocks which I did in my Mom voice.  When I mentioned it to their Mom who returned after she had wandered off to use a portable bathroom just outside the wetlands leaving them on their own, she was quite upset that I had told them to stop throwing rocks.  *sigh*

Another couple visiting the Wetlands who saw the whole exchange complimented me on telling the kids to stop throwing the rocks.  

Sometimes you just have to get involved.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Accidents in Georgia

Good morning,

We travel many highway miles every year so see our share of accidents.
Fortunately, it appeared no one was injured in this one.
It seems someone was changing lanes and didn't leave enough space judging from the damage and position of the cars.
Traffic was under control...
 ...on both sides of the highway.

 We had barely gotten out of the traffic jam of the accident when we...
 ...saw another.  This one looked much more serious.

When we see people driving fast and weaving in and out of traffic we wonder if we'll see them in an accident further up the road.  This time we did.  :(

Drive safely, everyone! 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Flag in Rags

Good morning,

We travel the same route every ten weeks and see this huge Georgia State Flag every time. 
This trip, though, it was in tatters.

Perhaps that is indicative of the controversy surrounding it.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Carrying Old

Good morning,

We are on the road again going South.

We get a kick out of all of the vintage vehicles we see on the move so often.
I took these images in Georgia.

Have I mentioned we (I gifted it to our daughter so it is still in the family) own a '68 Mustang?  Ah, yes, that was a fun car!