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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Best Friends Forever

Good morning,

Our two Yellow Labs, Penny (left) and Wendy (right) are best friends. 
The girls often cuddle together and this picture shows the sweet hand holding that goes on, too.

Penny will be 13 years old in January;  Wendy is 3 years old.  Penny has retired form her Agility career while Wendy is just getting started.  We are sure they are "talking" to each other.  Don't you wish they could talk to us, too?
Penny is beginning to feel her age so we have included joint supplements in her diet.  We put one of the folded comforters on the floor in the sitting room where My Honey and I spend most evenings with our computers, TV, and, most importantly, with each other.  Of course, the dogs are here, too. 

So sweet.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Happy African Violets

Good morning,

This pretty African Violet has lived with us for quite a few years now.  She's in a new pot and a new window for Fall which seems to have given her encouragement to bloom beautifully once again.

We have another African Violet that is part of an arrangement in a big basket.  I'll have to take her out and give her her own pot to see what color she is.  :)

Oh, to have more window space for indoor plants to thrive in Winter months!

All the best,

Friday, November 17, 2017

Breakfast Bread for the (Humans Attending) Dog Show

Good morning,

Last weekend Catherine and Wendy participated in a three day dog show at our Queen City Dog Training Club. 

One of the wonderful advantages of our club is that we have a kitchen where food is available during the show.  Catherine asked me to bake a loaf of breakfast bread which I did.  She sent me this picture via text just after she started cutting the loaf with the message, "They are eating it as fast as I cut it."  :)   I'm so glad they liked it!

This double size braided loaf is egg and cheese, cherry and cardamon with egg and sugar glaze.  I made it the night before it was served early in the morning at the show.  Later in the day Catherine sent me another text, "Did you make another loaf of bread for tomorrow?"  I responded, "Uh, nooooooo." 

I'm so glad they liked it!  I'll probably make another for the next show at our club.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wendy Loves Yogurt

Good morning,

Our little Wendy just loves yogurt. 
We like yogurt, too, and keep individual containers available in the fridge where we work on our computers. 
Wendy sits patiently while we eat our yogurt
just looking at us with those puppy dog eyes
until we hold the cup down for her to lick out every last bit of it.
 She's so sweet.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More Fall Images from Spring Grove Cemetery

Good morning,

Today's images are a continuation of those I took during our visit to Spring Grove Cemetery recently.

The cemetery was chartered in 1844, not long before the Civil War.  Although located North of the Mason-Dixon Line that divided the Union North and the Confederate South during the War, there are soldiers from both armies buried here.
The historical grounds of the cemetery are also a beautiful garden.
As I walked among the tomb stones, I recognized names of families who built Cincinnati. The McAlpin family owned department stores where I shopped with my Mother.  The store was eventually bought by Dillards.
Beautiful Fall Color. 
 Another section of the cemetery was lined with flags similar to the entrance road (see yesterday's post.)

 We drove past the Dexter Memorial, one of the well known structures here, as we were leaving.

At the top of the hill to the right is the grave of Salmon P. Chase.  From Wikipedia:  Salmon Portland Chase (January 13, 1808 – May 7, 1873) was an American politician and jurist who served as the sixth Chief Justice of the United States. He also served as the 23rd Governor of Ohio, represented Ohio in the United States Senate, and served as the 25th United States Secretary of the Treasury.

A list of other notable burials is included in the Spring Grove Cemetery Wikipedia entry.

I hope you enjoyed the images of our recent quick trip to Spring Grove Cemetery.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fall Color in Cincinnati

Good morning,

A few days ago we visited Spring Grove Cemetery which is only about ten minutes from where we live.
Spring Grove dates from 1844 and is the final resting place of many whose names are still known today on businesses, neighborhoods, streets, and buildings.
Our visit this time was a little late in the season to photograph Fall leaves, but we were not disappointed in the scenes we found.

We stopped in the old part of the cemetery and walked to take more pictures.
 Th cemetery is designed as a park with beautiful lakes and beautiful trees.
 As the fourth largest cemetery in the US (it formerly was second in size only to Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia), the spacious design has promotes the feeling of a park.
 As I walked down to the banks of this lake, I saw there are groupings of family graves on the hillside.
 In the distance I spotted a handsome man who seems to turn up every time I'm out taking pictures.
Ah, yes, a very handsome man, indeed!

 Stay tuned.  More images from Spring Grove tomorrow.


Monday, November 13, 2017

My Honey's Beef Stew

Good morning,

My Honey made beef stew in our big iron kettle recently on a cold day.  What great comfort food!  The house smelled marvelous and the dinner was all warm and yummy in the tummy.

What is your favorite comfort food?