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Friday, January 17, 2020

Our Alarm Clock

Good morning,

What a sweet way to wake up in the morning.

This is our sweet Elsa who brings us cuddles and kisses in the morning.

It is good to be retired.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Log Splitting and Stacking

Good morning,

We had temps in the mid 50's F this week so spent a couple of hours splitting and stacking logs.

My Honey carries the big logs over to the splitter and splits them.
I get the split logs to the stacks and stack them.  Teamwork.  We did quite a lot in only a couple of hours!
There are more to split on another day.

We have four other full racks so have plenty of split wood to get through the winter, but it will be nice to get all of these logs split and stacked, too.

Happy Winter!  It's quite nice here.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Flashback to Christmas Aboard Enchantment of the Seas

Good morning,

My friends, Martha and Russell, enjoyed Christmas at sea aboard Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas.
Martha was kind enough to share some of her pictures with us.
Christmas at sea is beautiful and is a wonderful way for families to enjoy the holidays with each other where no one has to cook and clean up.
I got a real kick out of Santa on the John Deere.

Thank you, Martha, for sending the pictures!

All the best,

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mr. Red

Good morning,

As we were leaving the casino yesterday I snapped this picture of Mr. Red, the Cincinnati Reds Mascot, who was seated on a bench waiting for someone to take a selfie with him.

No, he's not real, but he's kinda cute, isn't he.  ;)


Monday, January 13, 2020

Annual Labrador Retriever Club Luncheon

Good morning,

Yesterday we enjoyed the annual Labrador Retriever Club luncheon at Belterra Casino. 

We drove through downtown Cincinnati and...
...passed one casino on the way to another.
Getting to Belterra from home we cross the Ohio River from Ohio to Kentucky, then...
...after a few miles on the circle freeway, cross the Ohio River from Kentucky to...
...Ohio.  Confusing, but it is the shortest, fastest way to get there.
Just across the bridge and a right turn...
 ...here we are at Belterra.
 We parked next to Catherine's car.
 After a great buffet dinner with the other Lab Club members, we played the slots for awhile.  I won a little, My Honey lost a little so we came out just fine.  We never put much in the machines and when we can take more out than we put in, we leave!

It was a fun day. 


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Work in Process This Week

Good morning,

It has been a busy week with the knitting needles and crochet hooks.  The front, back, and first sleeve of the current sweater are finished and...
...I've got the second sleeve started. 
This is the beginning of a cloche hat for the shop.   These have been flying out the door lately so I'm trying to keep up.
There is progress on the crochet lap blanket since my last WIP post.  I work on this when I am upstairs and to give my hands a rest from so much knitting.  All of these colors remind me of chocolate, caramel, vanilla cream. Yum!
I bought a pair of these gloves at JoAnn's quite some time ago.  They don't offer a whole lot of support, but they do bring warmth to my right thumb which has become quite sore from all of the abuse I give it with knitting needles.

I have another cloche hat started to replace one that just sold as well as a neck warmer I'm designing.  I have to spend some time going through my buttons to find just the right ones. Pictures coming next time....

If only I had more sets of hands and more hours in the day to keep up with all of the ideas....

What are you making, baking, growing this week?

All the best,

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cake Decorating

Good morning,

Catherine shared these images with us.  She and her friend, Erica, attended a cake decorating class...
...that turned out to be fantastic fun.
The cake itself was delicious.  Catherine brought some home that I enjoyed sampling.
How fun!
The entire demo included...
 ...your cake to bring home.
 And, when the cake got home, I was delighted to enjoy the first piece.

Thanks, Catherine, this is fun and tasty, too!

If you're in the Greater Cincinnati area and would like to try this, you can find information about the classes at Cincinnati Cake and Candy Supply.