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Friday, April 18, 2014

Back Yard Garden

 Good morning,

Today's images are of our back yard garden.  I like taking pictures about once a week so I have comparisons as the season progresses.  Above the day lilies are growing up and will cover the daffodils as they fade.  There are also some tulip leaves in there from tulips planted more than 20 years ago.
 The buttercups are doing a very good job doing what they are supposed to do - cover the ground.  Here they are growing between the stepping stones.
 I can count nine goldfish in our pond, but there could be a few more.  The pond is self sustaining and the fish stay in it year round.  It's time to drain about half of the water and replace it.  I do that once or twice a year.
 This is my chief helper.  :)

I think my garden work is cut out for me.  I have to take care of the front garden, too.

All the best,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Safe Place to Raise the Kids

Good morning,

Our mama bird has eggs in her nest now over the lion above the window on our home.  :) 

About all we can see of her is her tail right now, but soon we should see little babies peeking over the side and she'll be busy bringing them food.

We'll be glad when her babies have left the nest so we can block the area from being a bird home again.  We are sure the lion isn't happy about having the moisture behind his head, but he is doing a great job of keeping the bird family safe.

So cute!

All the best,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Door Installation

Good morning,

We finally coordinated a great weather day with an availability day for Bill the Home Builder to install our front door.  In the image above the old door had been taken off the hinges, but the old sidelights were stil in place.
The gate you see in the foreground is to keep the dogs out of the work area.  They could easily go over or around the gate, but they know not to do that.  These are the same gates that we use to mark off their area when they go to the dog club.
We had taken the door itself out of the frame so that the frame could be moved from the garage to the front of the house.  My Honey and daughter helped Bill with this big move.  That is one heavy piece they have there.
Around the front of the house...
 ...up the stairs...
 ...over the bushes...
 ...to the side of the porch.
 Then Bill got to work installing the door. 
 Bill is an expert.  It pays to hire an expert and have such a job done right!
 Here the sidelights and frame are going into place...
 ...then it was time to hang the door.
 It still has the protective wrap on it and the handle and lock aren't yet installed, but you get the idea.

We are thrilled with our new front door!

All the best,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Yellows

Good morning,

It is wonderful to be home this Spring.  There are flowers blooming everywhere with new blooms opening every day.
Right now, the color of the flowers is predominately yellow.
The sun shining through the translucent pedals highlights their delicacy.
These are officially white tulips, but they definitely fall into the yellow-white family.
These honeysuckle are also brilliant in the sun.
Even the dandelion a is a beautiful yellow.
I cut a small bouquet and brought it in the house to enjoy on our dining room table.

So pretty!

Happy Spring,


Monday, April 14, 2014

Magnolia in Bloom

Good morning,

A few days ago I showed you our magnolia with buds just beginning to open.  They have now opened in all their glory.
This is like having a huge bouquet of pink flowers in our front yard.
I just love Spring!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arrival of the New Front Door

Good morning,

Something we have wanted for a long time is a new front door for our home.  We finally ordered one that we really, really like and these images are of the day it was delivered.  This whole process is a challenge because the mahogany door is so heavy.

On the left in the above image is our friend, Bill the Home Builder, who arrived to help us get it into our garage until the day he will install it.  On the right is the delivery truck driver.
Just getting the door delivered was a challenge.  That's My Honey on the left and Bill on the right pushing the door, sidelights and all, up the drive.  The truck driver was pulling from the other side.

This trio got the door into the garage where it is safe from rain until it can be installed.  Stay tuned and I'll have images of the big day the door is installed.

All the best,

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finally! A Sunny Day!

Good morning,

Yesterday was a rainy day, but we grilled outside anyway.  Today is a gloriously beautiful sunny day, although still quite chilly.  Of course, I had to go take pictures of the front garden.  I'm sure it will look very different in the next couple of weeks as these flowers fade and others bloom.
The daffodils we planted around the flag post last year are returning in all their glory.
Do you see the window on the right on the second floor?  Above that window is a decorative lion.  That spot behind that lion is home to a bird nest again this year.  After the babies are gone, we will try to figure a way to block that area to keep it from being a nest site again next year.  We don't think the moisture of the nest will be good for that lion.
Sweet buttercups. :)
 I've planted many different types of daffodils over the years, but these have been most permanent.  These King Alfred Daffs from 20 years ago have returned just as beautifully as the King Alfred's planted last year.
 The magnolia will soon be in bloom...
...to provide a huge bouquet of pink flowers.
 Ah, yes, Spring!