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Monday, August 20, 2018

A Very Lucky Trip to the Toy Store

Good morning,

Above you see My Honey's Toy Store.  We visit here often and walk among the rows and rows of wood, hardware, and tools.  It is always a fun visit and we never get out of there without something new. 

A couple of weeks ago as we checked out we were given a key to a treasure chest.  We were told this past Saturday would be the last day to come back and see if our key worked!  My Honey filled my name out on the back of the card that held the key.

We waited.  We returned to the store today...
I stood in line as people ahead of me tried their keys, then put the losing keys in the bowl on the right and second chance cards in the box on the left.

I stepped forward to take my turn.  My key worked!  When the box was opened I was invited to select a rolled paper naming the prize I won.

I won wood!  My Honey and I went back to the specialty wood section and he picked out some lovely wood that he'll use to make some things for our shop.

Such fun!  I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday, too!

All the best,

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Another Beautiful Hibiscus

Good morning,

The hibiscus are just gorgeous this year so here's another one. 


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Two of My Assistants

Good morning,

Here they are, two of my assistants with their unicorn mascot.

That's Wendy on the right.  She's in charge of catching anything edible that I might drop from my desk.

Erik, the man in black, is head of security.  When his eyes turn green, he will be fully charged.

It is so good to be home and be able to work from home! 


Friday, August 17, 2018

Artist At Work

Good morning,

Today's images are of My Honey in his wood workshop.
He's busy making an Engine Telegraph.  The engraving was done with the CNC machine you see to Kjell's left after he drew his design on his computer.  He is now carefully painting the details before the wood will be finished to a shine.
The pieces are coming together for another beautiful project!

Kjell has a number of projects in process now.  While waiting for layers of finish to dry on some items, he is working on others.

All the best,

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

WIP - Another Patchwork Sweater

Good morning,

Draped across the chair across from where I am working is the back of a patchwork sweater that I just finished.  I am working on the front now and am designing the color pattern as I go.

This sweater will restock one in the shop that was just sold.  These sweaters are my original design.  It is fun to think about where they are around the world.   In addition to the USA I've shipped them to many countries on four continents world wide.  They are just as popular in adult sizes as well they are in children's sizes.

The sweater I'm working on now is an adult size 34-38 inch chest and will be available in our on-line shop, EvensensProductions.com, when finished.  There are others in the shop now in children's sizes and even one for a doll.  To see more views of the sweaters already finished, click here.

What are you making today?

All the best,

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Yummy Corn on the Cob

Good morning,

Penny is enjoying fresh corn on the cob.  Of course, I'm a very well trained mom and am holding it for her.

Although Penny loves her corn, we never let her have it to eat off the cob by herself.  Pieces of the cob could be very dangerous if she swallows it.

What a sweetie.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Road Trip Crochet - Cloche Hat

Good morning,

We drove to Central Ohio over the weekend to visit my brother. 

Of course, I took along yarn and a crochet hook!  This is a cloche hat that will soon be available in our shop, EvensensProductions.com, $10.  This one is a different stitch than most of the other hats in the shop right now.  It has a great deal of texture that is not only pretty, but allows for air circulation while still keeping your head comfortably warm in cold weather.

Such pretty colors!  I've made one in this stitch for the shop in purples, magenta, and blues, too.