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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Needlework Update - August, 2013

Good morning,

August has been a very busy month!  We have been on the road and are back on the high seas again.  I have been very happy to fill several custom orders. 

My 18" doll, Ginger, needed a new outfit for back to school, too, so I made her a poncho, skirt, and hat set. 
 The second outfit above and the next three are items I made awhile ago, but had not yet photographed to add to our on line shop.
 I took advantage of the beautiful Cincinnati weather this month and photographed Ginger modeling these outfits.
 I really like this cardigan sweater.  I wrote the pattern down when I made it so I can make it again.
This skirt, cape, and cap outfit is for our Early American little girl who is going with her Mom to a high society luncheon party.  It is made with both knit and crochet techniques.  They fit American Girl and other 18" dolls.

All of these outfits are my original designs.  At this writing, the outfits are available for sale in our on line Etsy Shop EvensensProductions.com
Also new in the shop this month are two more chemo caps to restock those that have been sold.  Above is a chemo cap in a blue wool blend.
This cap is in grey easy care acrylic.

Click on any image to see more about that item.

What have you been making this month?  I so enjoy seeing all of your knit, crochet, sewing, and other projects.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  ;)

All the very best,

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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Pause That Refreshes

Good  morning,

I'm wandering down the Royal Promenade of Freedom of the Seas with camera in hand once again.  That car above is parked in front of Vintages, a lovely wine cafe where you can relax and watch the world go by.
Right now there is a tasting happening so you can stop and have a sample.
For your favorite brew you can stop at Bull and Bear.  I have shown you this one before.  You may get the idea I like this place, hmm?  ;)  Actually, I drink more fancy water than I drink alcohol and this is a lovely place to do it.
Across the way is Sorrentos where you can get a slice of pizza and a glass of your favorite beverage.

You will never go hungry or thirsty on board Freedom of the Seas.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Canine Athletes - Penny and Erik

Good morning,

I have quite a few pictures today of an American Kennel Club Agility Dog Trial at our Queen City Dog Training Club.  I took these a few days before we left Cincinnati to go to sea in August.   We are very proud of our local club.  Full disclosure:  our daughter, Catherine and I are members of the club.  Catherine is a very active member and is also a member of the Board of Directors.
Catherine is in the blue shirt here.  She is talking with another club member in the kennel area of the club.   This is one of two main connected buildings at the club.  Our club has built and owns its own buildings.  This is one of the nicest clubs in the area for shows since dogs can be kenneled inside in the temperature controlled buildings.
Vendors are also here with plenty of dog merchandise to buy, too.
Our club has food for humans available during shows...
 ...and has a beautiful kitchen area.
 This is inside of the main entrance.
 This is the huge indoor kennel area where participants and their dogs wait, rest, and visit with each other between events.

 This huge room is the connected building where the dog trials are held.  Above you see the AKC judge talking to the participants and explaining the next event.
 Before the dogs run the participants "walk the course" without their dogs.
 The course for each trial is set differently.
 And, now, it is time for the first dog and trainer.
 That's our friend Erica over there getting ready to run her dog.
 This is our daughter Catherine competing with our Erik.

 Part of the course is a requirement that the dog stay on the table for a certain number of seconds. 
 It is also a good way for both dog and human to rest for a few seconds.
 And, they're off again!
 Erik did a very good job going through the paces!
 Later our other Lab, Penny, also competed.
 Sadly, this image is blurry, but perhaps you can see Penny whipping through the weave poles.  She is FAST!
 Penny had a perfect weekend with qualifying scores in each of the four events in which she was entered.  She already has the title of MACH (Master Agility Champion) and just loves to perform.

Erik is four years younger than Penny.  He has some titles already and is well on his way to the MACH title.

We are so very proud of Penny, Erik, and especially of Catherine, our daughter, who has trained our wonderful canine athletes.

All the best,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forget Your Tux?

Good morning,

On board Freedom of the Seas there are two formal evenings during the weeks.  Guys, if you forget your tux, you can rent one on board. 

No excuses for wearing shorts and flip flops on formal night! 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shopping on the Royal Promenade

Good morning,

After you've had enough ice cream and cupcakes (see yesterday's post) there is plenty of shopping to do.
Just pull your car up in front of Vintages, have a glass of wine, then...
...do a little jewelry shopping.
Every day the shops have different specials.
Tired?  Thirsty?  Stop off at the Bull and Bear for a brew...
...then get back to shopping. 

All of this is on board a cruise ship, Freedom of the Seas.  Looks like a fancy shopping mall, doesn't it!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice Cream and Cup Cakes

Good morning,

I'm still strolling down the Royal Promenade aboard Freedom of the Seas with camera in hand.  I think it is pretty cool that the ice cream parlor is next door to the...
...cupcake store. 
The next store carries clothing.  I think I will just spend a little time at the ice cream and cupcake shops. 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cafe Promenade

Good morning,

You can find a cup of coffee and a snack at the Cafe Promenade 24 hours a day aboard Freedom of the Seas.
There is a self serve coffee bar for coffee at no charge or you can purchase a fancy coffee.

Ah, yes, coffee, just give me a giant one every hour or two, please. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Britto on Board

Good morning,

One of the specialty shops on board Freedom of the Seas is Britto.  Britto is an artist with a very definite "look!"
What I like about his work is that his art is all "happy."  When you see it, you know it is Britto!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean?

Good morning,

Yep, that's a pirate ship out there, but not one that should be feared.
This one is a tour boat in the port of Grand Cayman.

I remember when the ride would include circling the big cruise ships and shooting off some canon blanks.  The whole concept wasn't well received, so they haven't been doing that recently. 

It does look like a fun tour, though!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ship Canyon - Freedom of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas in Labadee, Haiti

Good morning,

I took today's images while standing on deck 4 of Freedom of the SeasGrandeur of the Seas was tied up across the dock from us in Labadee, Haiti.
When two huge ships are tied up along side each other, a huge canyon is created.
New exercise equipment was being delivered to Freedom

It is nearing time to leave this port so crew who were working on the island during the day are returning to the ship.  Everyone is given hand sanitizer, both crew and guests.
 Grandeur was also preparing to leave port.

 There are sand buggy wheel chairs available on the island.

 It was a fun day in the sun at the beach.  :)