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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

 Good morning and Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!
Penny and I enjoyed walking among the pretty Fall leaves.  So many wonderful sniffing opportunities for my sweet old lady.

Have a fun day!


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Hilton Hotel - Branson, Missouri

Good morning,

The tall building in the distance is a Hilton Hotel where we enjoyed a steak dinner the last evening we were here and the building where I am standing to take this image is also a Hilton Hotel .  I think it's easy to say Hilton has control of downtown Branson, Missouri.

In front of the hotel in the distance is the Branson Scenic Railway train station.  
Looking in the other direction from the same spot where I took the first image is the walkway toward the shopping area in yesterday's post.

It was wonderful to be able to park the car and walk wherever we wanted to go for the limited amount of time we were in town.

Downtown Branson sure has changed since we were first here!

More to come....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shopping - Branson Landing

Good morning,

If you visited Branson, Missouri, several years ago and go back today you may not recognize the place.  This was our fourth trip to Branson.

The first time we visited Branson was about 20 years ago when it was a small town with locally owned restaurants and shops.  This shopping area near the lake is new to us this trip.  We enjoyed strolling past the shops and stopping to buy some souvenirs. 

We returned the next day for lunch.  Stay tuned for those images. :)


Monday, October 28, 2019

Fish House Dinner On the Lake

Good morning,

We had a lovely dinner here at the Fish House with our friends, Martha and Russell.  They are hard to see up there in the shade, but they are waiting for Kjell and me to take pictures of the restaurant before joining them to go inside.

Kjell and I ate here last year when we were in Branson. 

This time the dinner was delicious, the view lovely, and the company so much fun!

All the best,

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Branson Scenic Railway

Good morning,

Ready for a train ride?  We were here last year (images here), but this time returned with our friends, Martha and Russell for another time around
My Honey was ready with his camera...
...and captured some wonderful images.
We had a wonderful time seeing Martha and Russell.  I realized I didn't get a picture of Martha during the train ride because she was seated next to me.  I have an image of her later when we were having lunch the next day.
We had fabulous crisp Fall weather for our trip.
 The train ride took us across a lake and into the Missouri countryside...
 ...eventually into Arkansas.
 Tressels lifted us high along the crests of the rolling hills.

 Here if you look carefully, you can see the red engine pulling the train.  The engines and cars of the train each had a historical story told to us during the ride.
 And, here we are crossing the lake once again on the way back to the station.

The two hour ride went all too fast!



Saturday, October 26, 2019


Good morning,

It's time to share some images of absolutely fabulous desserts!
We enjoyed these at the Hilton Landing in Branson, Missouri.

More images from Branson to come. 


Friday, October 25, 2019

Ozarks Mini Makers Faire - Springfield, Missouri

Good morning,

We enjoyed being a part of Bob's CNC participation in the Ozarks Mini Makers Faire in Springfield, Missouri.

In the image above you see one of two Bob's CNC machines set up for demonstration.
In addition to the machines themselves, many items made with the machines were on display.
Here's My Honey with three items we brought for the display.  Each of these items was made on Kjell's CNC machine that we bought from Bob.
Bob and his partner Keith were interviewed by the local media.
 The all day event attracted hundreds of visitors throughout the day.
 At the end of the day the two winners of the CNC machines on display packed them up to take them home.
 This one was going all the way to the East Coast.

 What a fabulous time we had at the Ozarks Mini Makers Faire! 

All the best,


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Catherine's New Employee

Good morning,

There is a new employee at Berberich & Berberich, CPAs. 

This is Wendy Darling Evensen. 

We hire on nepotism.


Photo Credit to our daughter, Catherine.  ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Meet Juno - The Wood Store Dog

Good morning,

This is Juno, the greeter at OP Wood in Springfield, Missouri.  Some of us who were attending the events with Bob's CNC visited this specialty store to see (and buy!) some beautiful woods for carving.

Juno was wonderful therapy for me because I was missing our Penny and other pups so terribly while we were away.



Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Desserted Brighton, Missouri, Old Town

Good morning,

On and near the property owned by Bob's CNC (see yesterday's post) are buildings that were part of Brighton, Missouri, in the mid 1800's.
It was fascinating to walk among the buildings and wonder about the people who built and lived in this little town.
This is on the corner of Bob's property.  If you read carefully, the letters at the top are "Brighton Bank."
I did a little research on the history of Brighton...
 and found that the town was named for Brighton, Tennessee, where many of the original settlers originated.

How many stories do these buildings hold?  Fascinating!


Monday, October 21, 2019

Bob's CNC First Family Reunion

Good morning,

This is Bob.

We had a great road trip to Brighton, Missouri, to meet Bob and attend Bob's CNC First Family Reunion.  We are honored to be considered part of the family.
Bob is the creator and manufacturer of the CNC machines that Kjell uses (he has two) to create his beautiful wood works of art.  Kjell designs the projects on his computer, then uploads the files to be carved/engraved on his CNC machine.  The entire process takes many days to design, carve, and finish the wood.
This is Bob's Office, manufacturing plant, and warehouse for Bob's CNC.  I took the picture from the end of the building that is much bigger than it appears here.
We were invited to spend the day at Bob's to tour his business and meet so many of the wonderful people we've met on line through the past couple of years.
 This day also included breakfast and lunch!  It was so much fun to have time to get to know all these nice folks even better.
 Here are Bob and his partner, Keith, preparing to draw names of winners of his two latest machines.
 Our friends, Mary, won the first prize and Roy won the second prize.  The only "catch" was they had to figure out how to get the huge machines out of the Ozark Mini Maker Faire in Springfield after the faire.  More about that to come!


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy Birthday, Catherine!

Good morning,

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Catherine.

The picture above is a flashback to earlier this year when she had our Baby Elsa at her office.  A client snapped this picture and sent it to Catherine just this past week.

Elsa is nine months old now, a whole lot bigger, and just as sweet and lovey as she was the moment she was born.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

Love you!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Passing St. Louis

Good morning,

I snapped this picture with my phone camera as we were passing St. Louis at about 60 mph.

Quite a few years ago daughter Catherine and I had a girl's trip to St. Louis over a long weekend.  We went up in the arch in those tiny little carts.

We also had a lovely dinner aboard one of those riverboats by the arch.

It was a fun trip, but I'll skip the trip up in the arch next time!



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Friday, October 18, 2019

Indiana Farm Land

Good morning,

We had beautiful weather for our recent road trip.

We passed many farms in Southern Indiana similar to the one pictured above. 

It's wonderful to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside.

All the best,

Thursday, October 17, 2019

So Much Work In Process this Week!

Good morning,

During our road trip my fingers kept moving while My Honey was driving!

Above is the beginning of what I first thought would be a crochet scarf, but I changed my mind while making it. 
Now it has become a small light weight lap, wheelchair, or baby blanket.  The colors are all in the same ball of yarn.  Beautiful!
I've begun a custom order mulberry cables and lace sweater.  I switch between knit and crochet to keep my fingers from being too stressed with the same movements and my brain enjoys the variety, too. 
I have a black crochet lace shawl almost finished.   The sunshine on the road trip sure helped me work with this black yarn.
 While sitting at an event in Springfield, Missouri, I started this slouch hat.  I'll finish the top with double pointed needles (I didn't have them with me) and add a pom pom in the multi color yarn.
And, finally, this pretty large afghan blanket is still being assembled back in my studio.  It is too big to take anywhere else to work on it so it waits for me to return to the studio for more squares to be crocheted together.  This is so close to being finished!  I want to get it finished, photographed, and in the shop.  It's chilly outside here so it's the perfect time to cuddle up under a pretty afghan blanket.

Thanks so much for your encouragement, likes and shares here on the blog and on Facebook, as well as your favorites and purchases in our shop, EvensensProductions.com.  You are so very appreciated!

What are you making, baking, and growing this week?

All the very best,

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dream House Going Down the Road

Good morning,

When we pulled up along side this oversize load I told My Honey it was surely our dream house going down the road.

Actually, it was only half of our dream house.  The other half was about a mile ahead of it.