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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The New Star Lounge - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

Freedom of the Seas spent most of January this year in dry dock undergoing mechanical work as well as complete make-overs of some of the areas of the ship.  This new Star Lounge was once the Pharaoh's Lounge. I like the new clean lines and decor.

More images to the newly revitalized Freedom to come!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Royal Promenade - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

I've been out roaming around Freedom of the Seas with my camera. 

Today's images are two views of the Royal Promenade from a balcony at the forward end of the ship.  The promenade is design to resemble a village street.

The first image was taken from deck seven...
...and this second image was taken from deck 6. 

I took both images without flash.  There is sunlight streaming from windows just about above where I am standing.  The rest of the promenade is lit in a manner that appears to be sunlight. 



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Giovanni's Table - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

For some time I have shown you and reported on the wonderful food available in Portofino, a special restaurant aboard Freedom of the Seas.

Freedom has gone through a renovation and Portofino has been replaced with Giovanni's Table, also an Italian Restaurant.

We have been here once and it has been fabulous!  Images are to come of some of the great menu items here. 



Saturday, March 28, 2015

Navigator of the Seas in Grand Cayman

Good morning,

I took the image above from Deck 11 of Freedom of the Seas, through the window of the Windjammer Restaurant. 

The ship in the image is Navigator of the Seas, a slightly smaller version of Freedom.  It is so much fun to see sister ships while we are at sea.

Both Navigator and Freedom were at anchor (actually Digital Positioning with no anchor) off the coast of Grand Cayman while guests tendered ashore.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Shrimp Rolls

Good morning,

There is something wonderful about being on a cruise ship where you can graze from one food venue to another and find wonderful treats!

These are shrimp rolls.  They're on a little larger roll than they were previously. Yum!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Needlework Update - March, 2015

Good morning,

It's that time again for another Needlework Update sharing what I've made in the past month since the last update. 

Above is a custom order sweater in gorgeous sea colors.  It's a special very soft yarn that has a silky feel to it.  Lovely.  It has gone to live in Michigan to keep a very sweet lady warm in this cold weather.
Travel season is upon us once again so I made a series of Luggage ID sets to restock the shop.
These are fabulous when you are looking for your luggage among all the other luggage in the airline or cruise terminal.

The last one above is a bright purple.  It was hard to get the color right in the picture.
This is a shoulder shawl scarf or neck scarf brighten up any outfit.  Gorgeous!
And, finally, I scrambled to fill custom orders and restock the shop with chemo/cloche hats.

These black and navy hats have been delivered to the buyer in Virginia.

 It has been a very busy, colorful month! 

Now I'm working on afghan blankets for special orders and to restock the shop.  Many of the items in this update and more will be available in the shop in early May.  If you'd like to reserve any item before then, just let me know. 

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  ;)

All the best,

Hand Crafted Original and Traditional Designs

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The New and The Old: Sabor and Schooner

Good morning,

Above is Sabor, a new restaurant aboard Freedom of the Seas.  It is Modern Mexican cuisine.  We haven't tried it yet.  I'll let you know more about it when we do.
Directly across from Sabor is the Schooner Bar.  Every Royal Caribbean ship has one and it is a favorite place to meet and relax.  It's also where you'll find Trivia and other ship activities.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where to get Vitamin D aboard Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

I make a point to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D while we are at sea.  This jogging track around the top of Deck 12 is also where you can stand to watch...
...events happening at the main pool below.
Further aft is the children's pool. New in dry dock is lighting that is really beautiful at night.  These figures glow a beautiful blue color.  I haven't managed to get a picture of the new lighting yet, but I'm working on it. ;)


Monday, March 23, 2015

Park Your Pup Here! Service Dogs Coming to Freedom of the Seas!

Good morning,

Ready for coffee?  The pup pictured above is part of the artwork on board Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas.  This pup artwork is "parked" just outside the Cafe Promenade.

A group of real service dogs will be on board Freedom for the January 31, 2016, cruise.  They are all part of a fabulous organization PAWS with a Cause.  Click the link to visit their web site to see the wonderful work that they do. 

Information is here for the PAWS With a Cause cruise. This group has been on board before and their president is a good friend of mine.  They do incredibly important work.

Over to the right in the picture below is the counter where you can order (for a charge) your Starbuck's Coffee.
Straight back in the center, you can make yourself a cup of coffee (no charge).

You can also get pastries and sandwiches here (no charge).
There is plenty of space to enjoy your coffee, chat with your friends, and watch the world go by on the Royal Promenade.
How comfortable!

I'll be here for the January 31, 2016, cruise.  I look forward to seeing the PAWS with a Cause service dogs at work here once again.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jetty Park Pelicans

Good morning,

These are a few more pictures from the Jetty Park in Port Canaveral, Florida.
We enjoyed walking out on the boardwalk where we were able to get some great pictures of Florida's State Bird, the Brown Pelican.

These guys wait for lunch to swim by, scoop them up, then swallow.  So easy.  ;)

 On the opposite side of the boardwalk from the sea is cactus and other plant life,
 but I just loved watching the pelicans.
 ...while they watched us.  ;)

 Bye, bye.  :)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Jetty Park at Port Canaveral, Florida

Good morning,

We've been sailing out of Port Canaveral aboard Freedom of the Seas for five years now. 
At the very end of the channel on the right side while sailing out is the Jetty Park where you can fish, camp, watch birds, take pictures, and just relax.  Look very carefully in the center of the image above and you can see a cruise ship in port to begin a cruise with a new group of guests.
There are some great facilities for kids,
and administration building,
 and lots of hunks of granite along the shore line. 
 There's that handsome man I so often see when I am out taking pictures.  Explorer of the Seas is in the upper left corner of the image.  Freedom of the Seas will be tied up in the same spot the following day.
 We saw these two men set up their fishing gear.  We didn't stay around to see if they caught anything.  Maybe actually catching something wasn't important.  ;)
 The wood jetty walkway extends far out into the sea.  When ships sail out there are people lining the rail here cheering and waving to those cheering and waving from the ships.  It's such fun!

More images of the Jetty Park to come!