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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spring Grove Reflections - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everyone,

Instead of witches and goblins this year, I'm sharing October images from one of our photo safaris.
These images were taken at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.  This beautiful place is as much for the living as it is a place for our loved ones to rest after death.
The day we were there the colors and weather were spectacular.
I'll just let you enjoy the rest of the series of images....
I hope you have a Safe and Happy Halloween.

All the very best,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday Party for Three

Good morning,

We had a great birthday party for three since three of our favorite people have birthdays within an eleven day period.  Daughter Catherine, Daughter-in-Law Cyrstal, and Son Don shared the day of celebration.
After a fabulous meal prepared mainly by Catherine and contributed to by Aunt Carol and Cyrstal, it was time for cake and presents.
This candid shot is such fun because of Carol's face seeing Don and Crystal sharing an impromptu birthday kiss.  ;)
Is this fun or what!
The appropriate song was sung.  ;)

 The three main characters blew out the candles, we had cake and ice cream, then...
 ...it was time for presents.
 Again, there were plenty of helpers.

We had such a fun day!  I hope all the participants enjoy seeing these images, too.  :)

Family is wonderful, isn't it.  We sure love you all!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Xavier University Color

Good morning,

We live very close to Xavier University so we often take walks on the campus. 

When we walked through this arch beside Elet Hall, the brilliant orange trees were impossible to pass without taking a picture or two.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cleaning Tyler Davidson Fountain - Cincinnati USA

Good morning,

My Honey and I were downtown and found our city's centerpiece,the Tyler Davidson Fountain getting a bath.
The fountain is drained each Fall and reopened in the Spring in time for the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Game.
It is fun to see the workers standing among the figures at the base of the fountain.
The fountain has been in at least four different locations within a half city block since I was a child.  It was originally in the center of Fifth Street, but was moved into a block of its own many years later.

When operational, these lights provide a spectacular view of the fountain.
 More detailed information is available here on Wikipedia.

It was fun to see the fountain being cleaned.  We've taken pictures of the fountain when operational in years past, but I think it will be time to get some more next Spring.  ;)

All the best,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Colors at Spring Grove Cemetery

Good morning,

A few days ago My Honey and I went on a photo safari very close to home to Spring Grove Cemetery. 
The Fall colors we found there were so spectacular that we both stuffed our cameras with glorious images.
Spring Grove Cemetery is the second largest in the USA, second only to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
This tree was just so pretty and the lighting was perfect.
Here's another beauty.  This one reminds me of a giant bouquet of flowers.
We weren't alone so there were cars here and there as we took pictures. We saw a walking tour group in the cemetery being shown  the different types of trees planted here.
I have many, many more gorgeous images that I'll share in days to come.



Friday, October 26, 2012

Scandinavian Anchovy Treat - AND - How to Filet Anchovies

Good morning,

Yes, this post is about fileting anchovies.  If fileting tiny fish bothers you, you may not want to read on.  If you want to watch this work of art by a Norwegian-born American who knows all about these things, then, by all means, follow me through this series of pictures.

Start with a jar of whole anchovies.  These were purchased at Jungle Jim's an International Market near Cincinnati.
To get size into perspective this little fish will be fileted on a dessert plate.  I will do my best to repeat the instructions My Honey uttered as he went through this process and I snapped my camera trying to get it all to share here with you.  ;)
First, remove the tail...
...slice open the belly...
...remove what you find inside...
 ...remove the head by cutting behind the gill...
 ...move the head to the side of the plate. 
 More of what is inside will follow on its own...
 ...slice open the body...
 ...using tines of fork, loosen the spine near head, then remove spine and ribs by...
 ...gently lifting while guiding through tines.
 Open fish and remove any remaining bones.  If you've pulled the spine out correctly, there shouldn't be any/many more bones.
 This is a bowl of fileted anchovies ready to be made into a yummy snack.
 Boil a few eggs...
 ...slice some home made bread.  My recipe for my Rich Egg Bread is here.
 Arrange anchovies on bread...
 ...add slices of hard boiled eggs...
 ...and, here is your Scandinavian Anchovy Treat.

If we had still had caviar in the house, we would have spread that on the bread before the anchovies, too.  ;)