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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hello friends,

I hope your Halloween is safe and fun!

Very best,


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ohio Renaissance Festival - Part 3 of 3

Good morning,

This is the third and last set of images from our trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  Above are two more wonderful costumes we saw at the Festival.

My Honey, grandchildren Alex and Kate, and I were having a wonderful time just taking in all the sites, but also had worked up a good hunger. 
 There are so many things to do and eat that it would take days to see and try everything.
Here are more clothes to buy...
...and around the next bend is another street carefully built to replicate the Renaissance Period.
 Finally!  We found the special treat!  My Honey has a turkey leg every time we are here.
Alex, Kate, and I preferred the giant cheeseburgers.  Alex was too busy chewing to smile.  ;)
 Then, off we went once again, with Alex reading the map and leading the way.
 Although we didn't need to use it, I got a kick out of the ATM sign.
 We are nearing the end of our tour of the Festival grounds now.  We remember this tomato toss from previous years.  The target guy did a good job of encouraging people to throw 66 cent tomatoes (3 for $2.)  What a profit margin!
As we crossed a bridge toward the end of our tour we turned to see a darling wood nymph in character. 

At the end of the circle tour of the Festival there was a display of medieval torture (inside a building) that I would not recommend for children.  It is much too realistic for the kids. 

We spent our final time at the Fair making purchases.  Alex and Kate's Dad (our son) sent each of them with $20 to spend.  They managed to purchase a mug for their Dad, jewelry for their sister, a shield for their brother, and small items for themselves.  It was so sweet of them to buy for their family and not just for themselves. 

I hope you've enjoyed our images of the Fair.  We had a grand day together. 

Very best,


Friday, October 29, 2010

Ohio Renaissance Festival - Part 2 of 3

 Good morning,

These images are Part 2 of our adventure at the Ohio Renaissance Fair.  My Honey, grand kids Kate and Alex, and I have arrived at the Fair and are now standing in line to get our tickets. 
 To the left of the entrance is a special parking space for hogs.  ;)
There is an effort to provide a real feel that a visit to the Fair is a trip back to the Renaissance period.  People who work at the Fair are in period costume as well as many who visit.  But, some new gadgets are impossible to avoid here.  Note the lady in the white dress, so lovely in her period outfit, using a cell phone.  I'm so glad there is cell service available!
 If you don't come in costume, you can buy your costume here.
 We made only one trip through the grounds and could have taken many, many more pictures of the different shops and activities.
 ...bird houses...
 ...FOOD... (more about food later)
 ...and very lovely...
 ...dresses are all available.
 The air is filled with music as well as wonderful food.
 Here's another Viking with horns.  This group has a great display with gifts to purchase at the Fair every year.
 Alex was excited to see the Spanish Galleon...
 ...where actors...
 ...were preparing for a show.
We moved on, though, past more costumed fellows, on our way to find a special treat.

Tomorrow we'll have something special to eat, then complete our trip all the way through the grounds of the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  I hope you'll join us then. 

Very best,



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ohio Renaissance Festival - Part 1 of 3

Good morning,

My Honey and I had a wonderful day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival with our grand kids Alex and Kate.  Today's images are of the mini road trip we took through Southern Ohio to get to the Festival a couple of weeks ago.  I'll have more images of the Festival tomorrow and the next day, too.   
 As we headed North on I-71 we were passed by some folks on motorcycles.  Grandson Alex was quite impressed by the huge American, Marine, and POW flags on the back of this motorcycle.

The cyclists above provided a teaching moment to tell the kids how important it is for motorcyclists to wear helmets...
 ...as their friends are doing.
 Here we are crossing the long and high bridge over the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.
 It' was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were happy to finally see some Fall colors.
 The motorcycles left the expressway shortly after we crossed the bridge.
 Alex was busy entertaining us with songs and games.  ;)
 Do you know the game, "Who can be quiet the longest?"

Kate was sitting directly behind me so I didn't get an image of her until we got out of the car at the Renaissance Festival.
 The fields were very, very brown after our ten week drought.
 As we neared our destination, we passed a picturesque country church.
 Finally we arrived at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.
 Big sister Kate is doing a great job of keeping an eye (and hand) on Alex.
There's the front door over there.  Tune in tomorrow for more of our Ohio Renaissance Festival adventure with the grandkids.

Very best,


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

French's Fried Onions Bread - Recipe

 Good morning,

Today I've made a batch of French's Fried Onions Bread and my recipe is below if you'd like to try it.

I was already wrapping a loaf to give as a gift when I remembered to take the picture above.  :)



French's French Fried Onions Bread


1 egg

2 T vegetable oil

1 t salt

2 t brown sugar

1/3 cup sour cream

1 cup warm water

3 cups bread flour

1/2 cup French's Fried Onions

2 rounded t dry yeast


Place all ingredients in large capacity bread machine in order given. Set on dough cycle and turn on.

The first dough cycle on most machines is about 40 minutes. Watch the action to be sure a dough ball forms at least 1/3 way through the cycle. Add a little flour or water if necessary to get the correct consistency.

When first dough cycle finished, remove from machine and place in a greased bowl for first rise. Place the bowl in a warm place such as the oven with the light, but no heat turned on. If you place it out on the counter in a warm place, cover with a damp cloth. This batch required about 1 hour for the first rise. Keep in mind that the temperature in your kitchen and the mood of the yeast can change the time required for the dough to rise.

After the first rise, punch down/knead gently the dough to remove excess bubbles.

If you are using crockery or glass pans/bowls for baking, set the empty bread pans in a warm place, too. I use my second oven with the light turned on.

If preheating pans, remove from oven.

For this batch, I am using metal pans to make four loaves and had enough dough left over for a small glass pan.

Allow to bread to rise once again; this batch took about 30 mins for the second rise, then bake at 350 degrees F for 35 mins. Turn out to racks to cool immediately.

Click here for more of my bread recipes.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warm Days, Chilly Nights of October

Good morning,

That young man on the scooter is Alex, who you may recognize as "shark boy" from a few months ago.

On this October afternoon I picked up my son's four children at their various schools, took them to their home, and stayed with them until their Dad got home from work.
The day was so gorgeous that Alex was immediately outside on his scooter.  Here comes older sister Katie behind him.
 Alex is a natural when Granny pulls out a camera.  :)  Is he darling or what!  OK, I'm very opinionated about that....
Katie and a friend took off toward home...
 ...as Alex took off once again....
 ...to ride back and forth for nearly an hour...
 ...while I sat on the front porch and cast on another hat that will soon be welcome on a cold winter day.
 Back home my honey, the leaf blower man, was hard at work...
 ...blowing leaves into a pile...
...so that I could put them into a compost bin.  ;)
And this is a wonderful dinner to enjoy a chilly evening in October.  This is My Honey's Fårikål - Norwegian Lamb and Cabbage Stew. Oh, it's so good!  The house smells wonderful all day as lamb, cabbage, and whole peppercorns are cooked slowly on the cook top all day.  We served it with my fresh bread, but the usual way to serve it is with boiled potatoes. 

It is wonderful to be home.  

Very best,