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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Community Bath Time

Good morning,

It was community bath time here this weekend.  Our daughter, Catherine, has a dog wash production line and makes this a fun time.  Penny, the Alpha Dog here, was first.  You'll note she is wearing here Halloween collar. 
Next was Erik, wearing his Batman collar.
There's a shake!  Catherine got a shower, too. 
Wendy is carefully watching the action.
This is Wendy's first "outside" bath and she really had a grand time.

After the baths, I was on towel dry duty.  The pups love being rubbed down between shakes and madly running around the yard.

My Honey and I will be traveling again soon for his work and will miss the family, including the pups, terribly.  The older dogs are used to us coming and going, but this will be Wendy's first experience with the disappearing/reappearing Mom and Dad.  Catherine and Anna live in the house and others are here regularly so the dogs are never left alone nor are they left in doggie hotel kennels.  They also have the dog club family where they go several times a week to practice agility, play, and socialize.

The two older dogs will be showing at the Lab Specialty in Gettysburg, PA, in October.  They will all be very busy while we are gone, but we will miss them terribly.

Don't you wish our dogs could talk and understand what we say to them? 


Monday, September 29, 2014

Zoom! Bird in Tree Across the Lake

Good morning,

Can you see the bird in the tree?
It's not the best quality, but here is the zoomed image.

There is an island in the middle of a lake at Viera Wetlands where the birds are able to nest and raise their young without outside interference.

If you ever get to the Melboune, Florida, area, be sure to save some time to visit the Viera Wetlands.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ducks on the Lake - Viera Wetlands, Melbourne, Florida

Good morning,

The ducks on the lakes at Viera Wetlands have to be very careful...
...because of the creatures lurking and looking for lunch.

Oh, my!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Turtle Perch - Viera Wetlands, Melbourne, Florida

Good morning,

I'm going through images taken the last time we were a Viera Wetlands and came across these images.  The one above appears to be a rendezvous of a turtle and a duck. 
This is the same shot without the zoom.
There was a light, misty rain, but it certainly didn't stop people from walking through the wetlands to take pictures. 

We will be going South again soon and will probably stop at Viera Wetlands again.  I hope we get pretty weather for more pictures.

All the best,

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lunch by the River

Good morning,

This week we had lunch with a few friends from Louisville, Kentucky at a Cincinnati restaurant overlooking the Ohio River.
No, we are not in Brooklyn, New York.  This is the John D. Roebling Bridge across the Ohio River at Cincinnati.  It is Roebling's prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge that he built a few years later.
We were eating at Moerling Lager House, home of wonderful brews. We had iced tea and coffee, however.
This is the house burger.  Oh, my, this was good!
And, just before we left, one more image of the beautiful view.

All the best,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sedum in Bloom

Good morning,

Our front walk is lined with Sedum.  My Mother called these flowers "Live Forevers."
Mom's name for them is most accurate because they have been here forever and I am sure they will be here long after I am gone.
At this time of the year the flowers are in full bloom and the bees are having a grand time.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Needlework and Wood Update - September, 2014

Good morning!

It's that time again for another Needlework and Wood update.  I must be at the age where time just flies by because it seems I just published the August update.

Above is a special order sweater that has gone to live in Texas.  This is my own pattern stitch design.  I really like the results of it as an overall design.  Quite elegant!
This blue knit hat and cowl set is available in the shop.  The lacy ladders stitch and soft yarn make it a very elegant set to keep you or a friend warm this winter.
I started crocheting this burnt orange and green lap blanket while we were still at sea, but finished it this morning after we got home.  These colors are so very pretty together and perfect for Fall.
I've restocked the shop with two more sets of mug rugs that are also used as snack mats, spa cloths, coffee mats, and wash cloths. 
Crocheted in 100 percent cotton, they are so very useful.  They come with a button band for gift giving and display on your kitchen or bathroom counter.
 The final needlework item this month is a colorful chemo cap in child size.  I've had quite a few requests for children's sizes so made this one with a row of soft and fluffy yarn that reminds me of cotton candy. 
My Honey has been busy in his wood workshop, too. 
He has made some beautiful turned wood key ring whistles that are so nice to have available if you want to get attention in an emergency.

That's it for this month.  What have you been crafting, cooking, and growing this month?

All the best,

PS - I have a request for anyone who hasn't done it already.  We have a Facebook page for Evensens Productions.  The more "likes" the page gets, the higher it is in the search engines.  If you're on Facebook and will be so kind to do so, please stop in and like our EvensensProductions Facebook page here:

Thank you!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Texas Road House Early Dinner

Good morning,

One of the nice things that we do when we go visiting with my brother and his wife is to go out to eat.  We can enjoy the time together without anyone doing all the work and no one has to do the dishes. It isn't terribly exciting, but above is the view from our table.
I can't pass up showing you pictures of food.  This is a small portion of rare prime rib. 



Monday, September 22, 2014

Farm Fixer Upper

Good morning,

This farm is located in South Central Ohio.  It appears to be abandoned...
...but there is a vehicle parked near the house.

The condition of the property shown above is unusual in this area.
Just up the road, this is another, more typical farm in this area:  well cared for and in active use. 

This was a day of contrasting sights.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Road Trip to Central Ohio

Good morning,

We took a road trip to visit my brother in Central Ohio this week.  As usual, we had the construction scenery along the way. 
For those who don't live nearby and already know it, Ohio has beautiful farm country.
The land is mostly flat...
...and the soil rich to grow corn and so many other crops.

We had a great day for a road trip and certainly enjoyed getting out into the country for the day to visit big brother and his wife.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crispy Fall Weather

Good morning,

I hope the Fall weather is as pretty where you are as it is here in the Midwest USA.
The air is crisp and cool and the sun is bright.  Just gorgeous!  As you can see, the pups are loving it.


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Crafty Anna

Good morning,

We are so pleased to have our granddaughter, Anna, with us while she attends Xavier University.   It's my fault I didn't realize I caught her with her eyes closed and take another picture.
Anna loves to work with clay and is enjoying a pottery class at Xavier.  This is the "fun" class that balances out chemistry, calculus, and physics, her other courses in her major of Bio Physics.
It's just so much fun to mold and build with clay.  :)

Crafts are always welcome here.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back Door Guards

Good morning,

OK, another dog picture.  They are just so cute that I just can't help myself. 

Erik and Wendy are on back door duty here, guarding it from any trolls or other wicked creatures from entry into the kitchen where good food is prepared.

They are so sweet and so efficient at the jobs!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Graduate

Good morning,

Our little Wendy has completed her first class at our dog club!  :)  She is now a Gradulate of Puppy Kindergarten.  Her handler is our daughter, Catherine.
Here Wendy's older "sister," Penny, is offering congratulations.  :) 



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guard Duty

Good morning,

Our dogs compete in AKC Agility Trials, but are also an integral part of our security system.
Here they are on the job.
It's amazing how well the older dogs train the younger ones.
 Little Wendy makes as much noise as Penny and Erik when someone unknown approaches.
 This is a good thing. :)
 We get a kick out of watching the dogs on our security cameras, too, when they don't know we are watching them.  They are very good at their jobs.