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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrapping Up June, 2011

Good morning,

My how time flies.  Here it is the end of June already.  I have a few unrelated images taken this month on board Freedom of the Seas.  The man above is one of the Windjammer Greeters.  It's fun to watch the faces of the guests as they approach the Windjammer for breakfast and this man turns morning yawns into laughs and smiles.  Of course, he is also here to remind everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the dining area. 
This pretty ceramic wall decoration was given to us by lovely friends who have cruised with us before.  Our new little Cheffie will find a home on the wall of our kitchen where we will think of our friends every time we see him.
The above image was taken from our stateroom on an absolutely gorgeous sea day.  The sea was so smooth and calm the ship just slid through the water.
And, this final image was taken from Cloud Nine, a private party room on Deck 14.  The view is of a rainy, misty evening along the shoreline of Jamaica.  We can clearly see patches of mist in one area and rain in another.  What a beautiful view.

And, so ends June, 2011.  We hope your June was as beautiful as ours.

All the best,

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sail Away Party - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

I headed for the pool deck of Freedom of the Seas to get some images of the Sail Away Party.
Water, water, everywhere!
Don't forget the sun screen!
While many guests enjoy the sun and pool, others stand at the rail to watch the ship sail out of Port Canaveral and wave to those on the shore waving to them.
 I wasn't the only one with a camera.

 There was a feeling of anticipation as we all watched the huge flat screen above the pool deck.
 And, then the show began.  :)
 The Dreamworks characters are here!
 Of course, Shrek and Princess Fiona made an appearance to dance off into a wonderful cruise with the rest of us.

Here we go again!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Needlework Update

Good morning,

Here it is at the end of June and I've finished a few more needlework projects.  Here are some of them for those who are interested.  Above is a child size 8 sweater...
...and here is one to match for my 18" doll, Ginger.  :) 
I had enough of the blue fuzzy yarn to make a lap blanket with it, too.  This is the right size for a person who spends time in a chair or confined to a wheelchair to fit across lap and to the floor. I made one of these for my Mom many years ago at her request.  She was delighted to have the lap blanket for warmth and privacy while sitting in her wheelchair or in her living room recliner. 
 You've seen the child's sweater above before, but now I've also finished one to fit Ginger.  ;)
 Above is an image of a rectangular shawl laying double on my couch...
 ...this is he same shawl hanging.  As you can see, I have issues with getting a good picture of the color and pattern.  I'll have to work on this when I get home!  The real cranberry color is most true in the first image.  It is the same yarn as the triangular shawl I pictured in my last update.  I just love the way this yarn drapes.
I'm working on Christmas items for Ginger, too.  :)  This is more of the red cranberry yarn I used for the shawls.
And, finally, this little lady has already been given as a gift to a friend on board.  :)

So, for my needlework friends, that's the update at the end of June.  What are you making?

All the best,


Monday, June 27, 2011

Images Around the Ship

Good morning,

I'm out roaming around Freedom of the Seas with my camera again. 
I am always finding something different to photograph.
So, have you seen a twin exhaust this big before?  ;)
 This image was taken from the bridge while sailing out of Port Canaveral.
Later in the cruise, we enjoyed "Captain's Corner" with the entire Executive Team.  This is one of the highlights of the cruise for those who want to learn more about the ship and the ship operations.

More images from the high seas to come....



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sew Fun Cruise - Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

My quilting friends will surely enjoy this post! This Sew Fun Cruise was organized by Citrus Sew & Vac in Ocala, Florida.
I poked my head in the door of the Conference Center aboard Freedom of the Seas to see what this quilting group was doing.  Above is Marge Gray, one of the participants, who was so kind to tell me about the group cruise program.
They were all so very kind and invited me to come in, look around, take pictures, and even sit down and sew a spell.
I didn't sew, but I did enjoy talking with the ladies and seeing what they were doing.
This was a class where they were all working on the same project...
...with gorgeous results!
 The teachers, sewing machines, materials, and irons are all provided as a part of the cruise package.
 This is Kaye Wood, one of the instructors beside the gorgeous piece she was using as a teaching tool.
 The equipment is new and high tech.  Needless to say, the machines and other materials are also for sale.
 A few days later into the cruise, I brought my friend Karen, a quilter, to the Conference Room to meet the ladies and see what they were doing.
 The quilting ladies were all still hard at work...
 ...and even tech support (gentleman at the right) was there to help with the equipment.
 These machines were outside the classroom creating embroidery with computerized patterns.
 Back inside more quilts were being shown.  This turtle pattern...
 ...had three more turtles that had "escaped" to the backing.
 What a fun cruise this had to have been for these quilters!  And, my quilting friend purchased some of the materials to take home.

Thank you, Sew Fun Cruisers, for your hospitality and kindness.  It was a pleasure to meet you and see your beautiful work!