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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Castillo De San Marcos - National Monument - Part 1 of 2

Good morning,

Last January we explored a fantastic piece of history when we visited Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida.
This is the entrance across the moat.  Since our visit here, we have spotted this site in various movies.

The people dressed in period costumes provide information and perform various historical reenactment activities at the Castillo.
This is the inside courtyard.  It's amazing how easy it is to identify this place when it is the set for a movie.
Originally, that stairway to the right was a ramp so heavy canon could be hauled to the top of the wall to defend the Castillo.
 The inside was quite primitive for those soldiers who lived and fought here.

 We truly enjoy and appreciate our many National Monuments and the efforts taken to preserve the stories and the antiques of the area.

 Although visitors couldn't climb these stairs, we were able access the upper walls of the Castillo.  Tune in tomorrow to go up on the outer walls with us.

All the best,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

St. Augustine, Florida, Dog Walk

Good morning,

Here are a few more images I took in St. Augustine, Florida, last January.  That is such a wonderful time of the year to be in Florida.  The air is warm, but not hot, and the sun is so welcome to those of us whose homes are further North.
We visited Castillo De San Marcos that day.  Images of the inside of this US National Park are to come. 
Walking along the sea was so beautiful.
And, my final image of the day is of a lone tree that is beside the walk to Castillo De San Marcos.  It appears to have weathered many tropical storms and has developed quite an individual personality.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Good morning,

These darling little gnomes are in Metamora, Indiana. 
They are outside a gift shop welcoming visitors and encouraging them to come inside the open shop doors.
Isn't he cute!  ;) 
This is my favorite, though.  Regular readers know I just love turtles.  :))

Those gnomes did the trick.  We went inside and met the very nice shop owners who told us about their recent trip to Florida.  It's a small world, isn't it!  We also bought gifts for our daughter, son, and daughter-in-law.  It was a fun day.  :)

All the best,

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - United States of America

Good morning,

Today is the unofficial beginning of summer, a weekend of family, picnics, and parades.  For those of us here in the USA, it is also a day to remember those who have given their lives to keep us free.

Across the street from our home is Xavier University.  There is a tiny park next to the Military Science Department where there are memorials for Xavier ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) graduates who have died in combat.

 This lovely little park is close to St. Barbara Hall, the Military Science Building.  This beautiful structure was once a residence.

Next to the Military Science Department is the Xavier University Armory.  Each morning members of the Xavier University ROTC proudly and with great dignity raise the flag here.  It is a beautiful ceremony.  The flag had already been lowered for the day when I took this picture.

So, as we enjoy the freedoms to celebrate the beginning of summer we also remember those who helped to us to keep our freedom.

All the best,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Good morning,

Here are a few more images from Cocoa Beach, Florida, that we took last January.  While it was very cold in Ohio, those former Ohioans on the right were sitting on the beach watching their lines in the water.  Off in the distance you can see a cruise ship sailing out of Port Canaveral.  The next night, we would be on board one of those ships.
Back to the lines in the water....  Isn't this beautiful?  The former Buckeye was talking out to check that fishing pole.  My Honey and I chatted with him as we walked along the beach.  I don't think it really mattered whether he caught anything or not.
It was the "being here" that was important.  He had retired to Cocoa Beach and lived nearby.
Now, that's retirement.  :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Needlework and Wood Turning Update - May, 2012

Good morning,

May has gone by so quickly!  It's nearly the end of the month already so it's time for another Needlework Update.  This time I've included Wood Turning in the update, too, of some the great things My Honey has been making. :)

I finished the above sweater this month and it is in the shop already.  I had a hard time photographing it to get the richness of the colors and do it justice.  It is such a pretty basket weave sweater and includes many shades of blue and green that I love. 

I made a few of these Wine Bottle Covers this month. 

I restocked the store to replace those sold and made some to give as birthday and hostess gifts myself.

They are wine bottle gift wrap that won't be thrown away. 

They also make nice centerpiece decorations that guests can take home after a party.

I finally finished this character, too.  :)  That's a child size 8 pumpkin sweater that will be featured in the shop.  I've done all of the formatting for the listing and will hit the button to list it at the end of the Summer.  I made a similar one for last year, too, and it sold very quickly as soon as I listed it.
These are ready to go in the shop, too, when we get closer to Christmas.

As you can see, I work a few seasons ahead.  :)
And, now, to something REALLY cool that My Honey made!  Can you see the shape of this pen?  The writing end is in the shape of a bullet and the clip is in the shape of a rifle.  That's Purple Heart wood with Chrome trim.    It will be a real winner with anyone who enjoys hunting or target shooting.
My Honey also made this Pen and Pencil set that is in the store.  This one is also Purple Heart wood and has 24KT Gold trim.  They are all just in time for Father's Day in the shop.  There are plenty of other pens in the shop made from different kinds of wood, too.

So, that's what we've been doing in the creative department for the past month. Our time at home to make all kinds of fun things will come to an end in a couple of weeks when we head South again. 

What have you been making?  I just love seeing all the different things other bloggers are baking, sewing, stitching.... 

All the best,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Playground in the Park

Good morning,

One of our recent mini road trips took us to Fernbank Park on the Ohio River, just West of Cincinnati.
The park has a wonderful play area for children that is safely fenced and secure so children can run and play.
I didn't get too close to take pictures of the children as I walked all the way around the play area to see the river, flowers, and tried to catch some images of birds.
Images of the river and flowers are to come.  I was not lucky today convincing the birds to hold still long enough for me, but I did enjoy their wonderful songs.
On around the big circle, past the restrooms, and back to the parking lot.

There is much more to see here.  My Honey and I did quite a bit of walking here on this beautiful day.  Fernbank Park is at the site of one of the locks on the Ohio River when a very complex lock system was built by the Army Corps of Engineers.  That lock system was obsolete as soon as it was complete so the locks are now gone at this spot, but some of the buildings remain.  More images to come.  :)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strings in Concert

Good morning,

Going to school concerts is always such fun.  They remind me of the many concerts in which I participated while I was in school and I can identify with the excitement and anticipation of the children as they practice then preform for family and friends.
Two of our granddaughters performed in this string orchestra concert. 
These children had learned to play their instruments this school year and provided a very enjoyable concert to a packed audience.  How fun!

Congratulations to Granddaughters Kate and Lexi for their accomplishments as violinists!

Aside:  I used my baby camera, a Canon Powershot SX210IS, without flash to take these pictures.  I am delighted I was able to get the images I got from the back of the auditorium. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Smelly Gourmet

Good morning,

Above is another shop in the tourist town of Metamora, Indiana.  Nice looking old home converted to a shop, right?  It was closed the day we were here.  We were here very early in the season so not all of the shops were open in the middle of the week.  I have a feeling many of the shop owners have other jobs and are here mostly on weekends until the height of the tourist season.  I just have to return to get inside and see what is here because the name of the place intrigues me.  Why, you ask?  Check out the name of the place:
"The Smelly Gourmet" is the name.  Hmmm.  Below that it says "Gift Shop European Coffee Bar."  Hmmm, again.  I hope that cat isn't a clue....  I hope the "smelly" reference is to a good "smell."  ;)  I've been in European coffee bars and they have a lovely aroma of coffee and fresh baked goods.

Please stand by and I'll issue a report on the smelliness of this place when we return sometime in the Fall.

All the best,

PS - I have received a comment from the owner of The Smelly Gourmet who has answered many of the questions asked here.  So, take a look at the comments and you'll find out just what (WHO!) is Smelly!  Thanks, Steve!