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Monday, October 11, 2021

Road Trip - Approaching St. Louis

 Good morning,

We drove through St. Louis, Missouri, on our way to Springfield/Brighton for our event with our woodworking friends at Bob's CNC for the (wood working friends) Family Reunion.

 The weather was much sunnier two years ago when we made this trip, but we had enough of a break in the rain for me to snap these pictures as we passed the Arch.


It was so much fun to go on a road trip again.  This is the first time since before Covid kept most of us at home.

All the best,



Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

That is a long drive! I hope the woodworking get-together is fun. I've never been to St. Louis but the arch is instantly recognizable! Such an icon. Safe travels!

Marit Johanne said...

It is nice to see the Arch in st. Louis again. I can hardly believe I've been up there! It was 15 years ago exactly today when I travelled to visit my friend. A wonderful trip :) I went on the long journey on Friday the 13th, so it must be proof that I am not superstitious-----