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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Rainy Road Trip

 Good morning,

You can see storm clouds ahead in this picture.

 The driving itself wasn't much fun for this trip, but it sure was great to get out on the road again.

We were on a road trip from Ohio to Missouri.  We crossed the Ohio River four times and the Mississippi River twice on this trip.  We truly enjoyed getting out again!

Are you back to taking road trips again?



Olde Dame Holly said...

No road trips here, due to my husband's age. Even an hour's ride is too long for him now. I used to drive all over, crisscrossed the country several times with my first husband and three times with my present hubby. But you know, I'm kind of scared now, people seem to be unbalanced!

gigi-hawaii said...

It must have been nice to get out and see the world. That is the benefit of living on the mainland. I can't travel much on my small island in the Pacific. Alas.

Marit Johanne said...

Yesterday we had a trip to Sweden! It is only 25 minutes to drive from home to the big shopping mall in Sweden. But the border has been closed for a long time due to the pandemic. It was two years since last time we were there, because our last trip was before Christmas 2019. It is good to be free to travel. It has been open for a few months if you had vaccine certificate, but there were long lines of very slow-moving traffic, as everyone should be stopped and checked.

Michelle said...

Road trips are a favorite for us. The best kind of trip to take right now!