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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fond Memories

 Good morning,

It was fun seeing this mug again in Catherine's office.

Yesterday I spent a few hours in our daughter Catherine's office to help with the crazy last minutes before a tax deadline.  She and I were partners with our own CPA firm until many years ago when I was swept off my feet by a certain Norwegian and we went to sea for twenty years.

The Majesty mug brought back memories of the six years Kjell and I spent on Majesty of the Seas.  Before that we were on board Splendour of the Seas and after Majesty we were aboard Freedom of the Seas.  They are all beautiful ships and we have wonderful memories from those days.

But, retirement is good!




DUTA said...

I get seasick on ships, but I guess it's possible to get rid of seasickness, if the right circumstances occur - like having to accompany your husband.
Beautiful mug bringing back beautiful memories!

Lois Evensen said...


I've been very lucky that I don't get sea sick. I spent quite a lot of time on the Ohio on small boats and water skiing. When a barge went by the swells were much higher than we had at sea so being at sea was no problem for me at all. Our, daughter, however, did have a problem with sea sickness. She took various measures and managed to be comfortable on board. After all, she wanted to come visit Mom and Dad who were away for ten or more weeks at a time. :)

Thanks or stopping by! It is good to see you.