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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wendy the Dock Diver

Good morning,

I have quite a few pictures here today!  Our three-year-old Wendy is quite a canine athlete.  In addition to participating in Agility Trials with the American Kennel Club, she is actively involved in Dock Diving Competition. 

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the results of the two-day competition!
These images were taken by a friend of Catherine's.  Catherine is our daughter and Wendy's trainer.
Here goes Wendy on the run to go after the "bumper" when it is thrown into the water. 
The dogs are competing to see who can jump the furthest.
Love those ears!
And, the splash!
Here goes another one!  Each one of the "jumps" is called a "splash."
Lift off!
Wendy can fly!

Wendy will do this as often as they'll let her have another turn.
 "I'll get it, Mom!"
 Wendy can walk on water!

 Got it!

 Here are the results of Wendy's six "splashes."  First Place! 

Wendy needs just a few more qualifying jumps to be invited to National Competition that will be held in September.  We're so excited!

We are so proud of Wendy and of Catherine!
Wendy got to pick out a new toy as a prize at the competition.  :)  She's so proud of it that she had to show it off to all of us as soon as she got home.  :)

This is such fun!



Beth said...

Lois, I loved ALL the pictures! Wendy is such a darling :-)



Michelle said...

Go Wendy! She looks great!!!

KaHolly said...

What fun! I know how much dogs love their toys. Congratulations to the winner(s)!