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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ground Hog Just Passing Through

Good morning,

This critter made the mistake of passing through our back yard early one morning when I had the pups outside.  He paused just long enough for me to take these pictures with my phone camera.  Then he sprinted to the back corner of our property and jumped a four foot wall to escape.
He's a ground hog and surely a descendant of this one that was living under our front porch five years ago:  http://loishands.blogspot.com/2012/09/uninvited-guest.html.  Five years ago we tried to trap him and remove him to a lovely home in the country, but that didn't work.  After researching on the Internet for another solution, we managed to get that guy to move humanely by putting moth balls into one of the tunnel entrances which forces them to leave through another and dig a new home elsewhere.

These characters dig extensive tunnels that can destroy foundations of homes and make porches collapse.

Keep moving, Mr. Groundhog!


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