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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Graeter's Ice Cream Cake

Good morning,

If you're on a diet, this might not be for you.  But, then, there are exceptions, aren't there?  ;)

In that image above is a Graeter's Ice Cream Cake.  If you're from Cincinnati, you know about Graeter's Ice Cream.  There is just nothing like it.  Combine that ice cream into a cake and you've got the absolute BEST taste treat you'll ever find anywhere.
Note that the first ingredient is Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  ;)
Catherine had two assistants as she was preparing to cut the cake.  Those are our Lab Testers.
It's not easy to cut an ice cream cake because, of course, it is frozen.  We worked at it, though.  I think we need a few more of them to practice.  ;)
 Wow, pure heaven on a plate.  *sigh*

Yes, I think we should go buy another one so we can practice cutting it....  Yes, of course, that's a good reason to get another one.... 


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