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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bread of the Day - Light Whole Wheat

Good morning,

The bread of the day is Light Whole Wheat. 

We have a dear friend of nearly 40 years, Elsa, who lives on the block behind our home.  Our properties back up to each other and we have a short area of fencing that we call the bread and jam exchange. 

Elsa makes jams and jellies and I make bread so we often share bread and jam with each other.  Elsa received one of the loaves of bread you see in the image above this week and we received a jar of her fabulous orange marmalade.  We have the best of both worlds!

All the best,


DUTA said...

I eat daily light bread and light jam, but not together. A thin layer of light jam (blueberries usually) is spread on a 20- calorie cracker and this goes well with a cup of coffee (instead of a cookie). It helps me watch my weight.

Lady Jane said...

I love home baked bread. These loaves look scrumptious! I cant eat whole wheat though. My ulcerative colitis wont let me. But yep jam is on the list. Yum... Hope you are having a great summer. hugs, LJ

River Glorious said...

I've never tasted orange marmalade... sounds yummy!!!