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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mint Plant Uses

 Good morning,

My mint plants have gone wild and are taking over the half barrel herb garden.  They're flowering and I would  normally pinch off the flowers to get more leaves to grow from each stalk.  But, this time, I cut back quite a bit of it, laid it out on a table to dry, then...

 ...chopped it up, spread it out in a pan, and baked it on 180 F for an hour to kill any bugs in it.  I used it as a carpet freshener by spreading it out on the carpet before sweeping.  The whole house smelled minty and clean.  In the past I have done this with lavender, too.

I've done some research and learned that a small amount of mint in the pup's food will help with digestion and keep their breath fresh.  That's next.  Oh, yes, then there are mint juleps.  ;) 

 Happy Summer!


1 comment:

gigi-hawaii said...

That is a good point: Bake the mint to to kill the bugs. I had not thought to do that. Anyway, good tip on how to freshen your carpet.