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Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Tribute to the Fallen - May They Rest in Peace

 Good morning,

This is not a political blog, but politics are driving our lives this week.  We are appalled and devastated by what has happened this week in Afghanistan.  We grieve for those who have fallen and we pray for those trying to escape the violence.  We pray for our dear friends in Israel who are in the same neighborhood with those who would annihilate them.  

I'll quote my eldest brother (RIP), Lt. Colonel USAF and pilot.  As the chaos of pulling out of Vietnam happened, he and so many others were totally frustrated.  He said, "The politicians take us into war, but won't let us win it."  It has happened again.

Please know that not everyone in the USA voted for this administration and what is happening.  In fact many of us saw the writing on the wall and voted to try to prevent it.  We will be voting again soon and this time I believe more people will have awakened to the truth.

We now return to our regularly scheduled non-political blogging....



Kim said...

Oh Lois I couldn't agree more! We outside of Toronto agree with everything you're saying here. We shared your fears and are horrified to see them realized. The world's gone made because we've allowed it to.

DUTA said...

Well said! The Afghanistan events -just unimaginable!

Jill said...

Thank you for your post. We sometimes sit back and don't say anything while everything crumbles around us. I'll not be doing that anymore, no matter who it may offend. God bless you Lois.

Sherry said...

Everyone is saying get rid of Joe Biden. But geez, look who takes his place if he is removed from office. In my opinion, the next two in line of succession have no more qualifications than the one there now. These are indeed dark times for this country.