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Monday, August 23, 2021

A Fungus Among Us

 Good morning,

These two showed up in the pot of lilies on our front porch.  

 Probably unrelated:  A day or so earlier I had just moved the soil around and packed it back down after the local squirrels had dug up my flowers. 

I have hot sauce on my grocery list for this week.  A little hot sauce diluted with water will keep bugs and squirrels away from flowers and veggies without using poison.  

Gardening is such fun.  :)

All the best



Hootin' Anni said...

Well, that's new to me about hit sauce. Got any tips for weeds?

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Anni,

Catherine, our daughter who also lives here, buys baking soda in bulk. She weed wacks weeds, then pours the baking soda on the remaining weeds. They'll dry up and die on their own without poison. We are very careful not to use any kind of poison because of our dogs, the bees, etc.

I've been doing that hot sauce thing for years and it always works well. You can buy gallon jugs of hot sauce at Sams or Costco. Dilute about 1 hot sauce to 3 parts water, then sprinkle on the soil around plants you want to protect. A little hot sauce goes a long way. I've also sprayed/sprinkled it sparingly on the plants themselves. It works wonders on tomatoes and roses as well as other plants you want to protect.

You can also plant marigolds among the plants you want to protect. Most bugs don't like the smell/taste of marigolds, but that system isn't as as "sure" as good old hot sauce.

It's nice to see you here. I enjoy your blog and the beautiful images you share with us.