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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Elsa's Battle Scar

 Good morning,

Earlier this month I published an image and story of a snapping turtle that Elsa and her friends found at a friend's home.  There was a crazy frenzy of dogs barking at the thing as it snapped like crazy at them.

Sadly, our little Elsa has a battle scar on her nose.  We've been putting medication on it and it has healed nicely, but the scar is there.  We are hoping it fades, but it just may become part of her stories to tell.

There have been no snapping turtle sightings at our friend's home since.  

Sweet Elsa.  We're so sorry she got hurt.



Olde Dame Holly said...

I cannot break my little half-feral rescue kitty of stalking and killing things that are dangerous. The worst he has faced (to my knowledge) is a baby rattler. And he lived to tell the tale. Dogs and kitties just love messing with nature! Poor Elsa, but it does NOT diminish her beauty.

angela said...

It’s heartbreaking when our fur babies get hurt
My poodle got a wound, a burn we think, which healed quickly but now her fur is
Starting to grow back and it’s a darker colour than the rest of her body
Hopefully it will eventually grow back the same colour but if not. I’m sure she will wear it proudly
As a war wound.
Just like your baby will

Tanya said...

Poor Elsa! What a thing to have happened to her beautiful face. Good thing that snapper didn't get in her eye!