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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Peach Tree Wood

Good morning,

Yesterday My Honey and I worked in the garden clearing away vines and removing overgrown bushes.  We also took down my beloved peach tree that had died on one side.  We never got any peaches because the squirrels got to them first.  I didn't mind that so much;  squirrels have to eat, too.

We carefully cut the healthy parts of the peach tree and will dry it so My Honey can use it in his wood workshop.  We've moved several sections inside to dry.  I look forward to seeing him use this!   It will make many things, but turned wood pens are high on my list of projects.

Two days ago we added another turned wood pen to the shop.  He made that one from Spalted Tamarind wood that we had purchased at the wood store.  I think it will be so amazing to be able to use wood from our own property in items in the future.

All the best,


Beth said...

I hate that you had to remove your tree, but love the fact that it will continue to 'live' in the creations of your husband.



MarkD60 said...

I disklike cutting down trees. Here, people put sheet metal around the trunk, so iguanas (or squirels) cant get a clawhold to climb up.
Another problem here is parrots and mangoes. A parrot will take one bite out of each and every mango, ruining them all. YEah, they gotta eat, but sheesh!