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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

48 Hours - From Snow to 73 Degrees

Good morning,

I took this image yesterday, April 3.  It was 73 F  and sunny so Kjell and I grabbed a couple of cups of coffee and sat on the patio for just over an hour before the skies turned dark before thunder storms in the evening.  I've started another hat as my portable knitting project.

Of course, the pups joined us.  Wendy definitely considers herself a people and likes to sit in a chair with the rest of the other people in the family.  ;)

Happy Spring, but enjoy it when you can.  It was 38 F overnight after the thunder storms.  There were tornado warnings, too.



Sherry said...

And I thought Rochester had the market cornered on chaotic weather! Love the look on Wendy's face. Yes, nobody ever taught Labs they are "just a dog." Nothing like having a dog fight in your lap with two dogs thinking I'm their private property!

Michelle said...

Same weather here in KY. Headed for snow on Friday. Sad times! lol

MarkD60 said...

Snow to 73 degrees! Better that than th other way around!