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Monday, April 16, 2018

Thank You for Asking

Good morning,

Thank you so much to those who have written to see if I'm OK since I haven't had a blog post for a couple of days.

My blog was rudely interrupted by Acute Appendicitis.  I'm home, recovering, and all is well, but I'm not moving around taking many pictures or doing much more than recovering.

That is a picture of my night shirt.  Appropriate, isn't it!

Thanks, again, for your concern.  It was so very kind of you and inspiring to hear from people who read my blog daily and missed seeing it.

All the best,


Beth said...

My goodness, Lois! I hope that you are well on the mend.

Might as well cancel today anyway...it is snowing!! Winter just refuses to give up this year.

You take care; we all look forward to having you back soon :-)



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My gosh, Lois, I had fallen behind in blog posting and reading and was sorry to read of your recent hospitalization. Glad to read thatbyou are resting at home and on the mend. Take care and feel better soon.

Lois Evensen said...

Thank you, Beth and Bea.

We never know, do we? I had other plans for the weekend.

Thanks so much for your kind wishes.


Tanya said...

Sorry to hear that you had an emergency! I'm glad to see you well enough to blog again... don't do too much!