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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Snow is Gone. The Sun is Out. But, it's always something....

Good morning,

The snow is gone and the sun is out, but it is still cool outside. 

Yesterday morning when I took the pups to the kitchen to let them out at dawn I heard a terrible thumping sound from the basement.  I went down to investigate and be sure there wasn't something happening that was critical to getting people out of the house. 

I found the noise was coming from the main furnace.  No smoke.  No bad smell.  Just noise.  So I woke my resident Chief Engineer who discovered it was one of the fans that had worked its way off the shaft.  He turned it all off at the circuit breaker and I called the heating and air folks.  I love those people.  We've used them for years and they come as soon as possible.  The fan is fixed and the main furnace is now back in service.

I'm hoping we don't need to heat the house too much longer this season.  ;)

I hope all is going smoothly where you are today.


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