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Monday, March 5, 2018

Anniversary Sushi

Good morning,

I couldn't resist a picture of our Anniversary Sushi dinner.  We took Catherine along with us since all three of us love sushi.  The sushi topped off soup and salad.

We plan to celebrate all month.  An Italian dinner is on the horizon, too.




Sherry said...

I never could convince myself to try sushi. Yet, as a kid growing up on Florida's Gulf Coast, I thought nothing of picking up a scallop in the water, opening up its shell and eating the meat right out of the shell! I can remember being dragged out of bed well before daylight, thrown in the car, driving an hour, settling on the beach while my Dad and another guy with cast nets caught our breakfast! Cooking it on the beach. Is it any wonder I almost never eat seafood up here when I'm used to eating fresh seafood right out of the water???

Lois Evensen said...

I understand, Sherry. My Honey grew up in Norway where fresh seafood made it to the table within a couple of hours. Eating seafood here in the heartland is definitely a different experience. We enjoyed our life at sea where we could get fresh seafood in many of the ports, but we were very selective which ports due to sanitation concerns. We LOVED lobster in Bar Harbor, Maine, each time we were there. We went ashore each cruise there for a lobster lunch.