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Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Pile of Projects

Good morning,

This is a snapshot of my work in process chair:

1.  (upper right) Honey Golden Long Tunic Sweater for daughter, Catherine.  This knit project is taking FOREVER! Since it is a long tunic sweater, it is about the same as knitting a dress with long sleeves.  I've finished the front and back.  I am now I'm working on the sleeves. I'm quite happy with the way the fabric is developing.  The finished garment should fit perfectly and have a lovely drape to the fabric.  Under the purple flowers are my notes and computations for Catherine's sweater. 

2.  (upper center) Burnt Orange Cables and Lace Sweater.  This knit project has been on hold for awhile.  The back is finished and I'm working on the front now.  I pick it up and work on it once in awhile, but would like to finish Catherine's sweater first so she has a chance to wear it before the weather gets too warm.  The burnt orange sweater will be available in the shop when finished.

3.  (left bottom) Flowers for a Royal Purple Afghan Blanket.  I switch between knit and crochet to give my hands a rest from the same repetitive motions.  Afghan blankets have been very popular and great sellers in the shop so I like to keep designing and making more of them to keep the shop stocked. 

These are all large, time consuming projects so I haven't had many "finishes" lately to photograph and list in the shop.  I'll have to change that and get some more smaller items made, too.

What are you making, baking, planting, photographing now?

All the best,

1 comment:

Marit Johanne said...

You have a lot of nice projects going on. Sometimes the projects have to take more time :) I keep on with my sock knitting. But last week I got more old second hand embroideries to my re-use bag projects. So after Easter I will try to take time for sewing bags again.