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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Crossing Party!

Good morning,

Back when my hubby worked at sea and I sailed with him, we enjoyed many traditions of life at sea.

Whenever we "made a crossing" between North America and Europe, we would have a shrimp, mayonnaise, and fresh bread dinner one of the evenings while at sea.  The mayonnaise was Norwegian and came in a tube that looked like toothpaste.  The mayo was spread on the bread and shrimp placed on top to make little appetizers that became a whole meal.

This was the entire dinner and it was fantastic!

Great memories!

The image above was taken during a "reenactment" we enjoyed at home recently.  No crossing, but the shrimp, mayo, and bread were delicious.  ;)



Astrid said...

Yummy! I didn't realize I miss Norwegian mayo and shrimps until I read your post! :) The mayonnaise we get here (Mauritius) doesn't taste the same and I can't eat the shrimps here, whenever I try I get a light allergic reaction.

Anonymous said...

That looks nice. Norwegian mayonnaise sounds interesting.