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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Escape Artist Lily

 Good morning,

I published this image of our one-year-old Lily a week or so ago.  Well, this sweet, little, innocent (?), darling terror has done it again.

Back in 2016, I published a post about our wonderful neighbor (also an Elsa) who often met our pups at the small section of fence at the corners of our property.  Through a very short part of the fence that separates her yard from ours for the last 100+ years, Wendy loved seeing this sweet lady who brought her treats almost daily.  Sadly, our neighbor died six years ago.  Her home as been purchased by a family with two young children.  

I've met these new people and am so glad to have them as neighbors.  It's fun to have children in the neighborhood again.  BUT, Wendy hasn't been able to get over the "strangers" in her friend's home.  When the family is out in their own yard, Wendy barks so I bring her inside to enjoy the silence.  No way can I keep her from being so upset.  

On Easter Saturday, the young girl living on the other side of that fence called to us to give us some Easter cookies.  How sweet!

Wellllllll, the rest of the story:  All three of our girls, Wendy, Elsa, and Lily, were outside with us.  Wendy started barking at the fence.  Then Elsa.  Then Lily.   As Kjell and I tried to restrain all three of the girls who wanted to play with the young girl in her yard, our Lily managed to get through the corner of their old fence and had a short play time with them.

Lily had so much fun that there was no way she would let the children's father lift her back over the fence.  The solution was for him with his children to walk her home.  I met them out in front, thanked them profusely for the cookies and return of our renegade pup, and brought Lily inside.  Then we called our friend Bill....

Bill showed up the next day - Easter Sunday!  He cut down greenery to get to the problem, then he went to work on reinforcing the neighbor's fence from our side and...

 look at it now!  Lily won't be able to escape from this part of the fence!  The rest of the yard has chain link fence we installed when we moved here.  That fence has held all our Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs for 45 years.  Soon, the fence and wall will again be covered with ivy and other greenery.

Catherine took Lily for a ride-along on her rounds to friends' and gatherings on Easter so she wasn't here to hinder fence reinforcements.  

Move forward to Easter Monday.  Several times during the day Lily went to the corner to try to get through the side of the fence again.  Ah, ha!  Foiled this time!

 *Sigh*  So, that's our Easter Week story that we thought would be a very quiet week at home.

It's always something, isn't it. ;)  


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Sherry said...

Yes, Labs have a mind of their own, as we both know!