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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Larger JoAnn Store

 Good morning,

I am so pleased that we will have a larger JoAnn store in our favorite shopping area.  If you look carefully, you can see the "JO" of the sign on the old store waaay to the right side of the image.  The new Joann store location and Kohl's are moving into an abandoned grocery store building.  This building has been under renovation for ages - probably a couple of years.

Although I source materials from a number of locations, I like JoAnn's for so many craft items.  The old store was much smaller so didn't carry a very big range of yarns.  When I needed specific fibers and/or colors to fill orders for our shop,  I generally ordered on line to get enough of the same dye lot or bought elsewhere.

A sign on the front of the new location indicates this location will open soon.  I look forward to browsing - and most probably buying.  ;)

All the best,



Michelle said...

The Joann's in my neighboring town just went out of business, so it is an hour drive if I want craft items :(

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Michelle,
Yes, I read in the business news that JoAnn's is working through bankruptcy so is closing some stores to consolidate. I think the expansion in my area was planned before all of that. Anyway, I'm delighted to have a larger store. We used to have a Michael's in the same mall, but that left some time ago. I went to the next closest Michael's and found it was a warehouse-style layout. Not at all appealing and difficult to find complete dye lots of enough yarn to make a sweater or afghan. I have been ordering quite a few items on line to get the quantities I need. I use a variety of sources for materials for my shop. I watch for quality yarns at good prices so I can keep the prices down on the finished items.
It's good to hear from you!

Rose said...

That will be wonderful to have a larger store.