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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dinner at Ford's Garage

 Good morning,

Here are the usual characters having dinner together.  The waiter took this image with Diane's camera.  It is nice to have us all in the picture for a change.  L-R:  Catherine, Sophie, Me, Kjell, Anna, Les, Diane.

There is lots of good food on that table.  We dug right in so I didn't get pictures of all of the different tasty dinners.

 Kjell took this image so show the overall "feel" of this restaurant.
The entire restaurant has to do with the Ford Motor Company.  It's interesting to see, at the bottom of the front of the menu, that the restuarant is a licensee of the Ford Motor Company.

 The portions were so large that we had plenty of leftovers.  I put the "kids" names on this box so it wouldn't be confused in the refrigerator with other "doggie" boxes.

 Dessert!  My favorite, of course.  This is a toasted ice dream that was scrumptious.
Anna ordered the same...
as did Kjell.  That's his classic "I AM smiling," pose.  ;) 

This was a fun evening!  We had planned to eat at Longhorn, but when we got there at 5:30 we were told it would be an hour wait.  They don't take reservations.  Sooooo, we walked across the parking lot to Ford's Garage and are so very glad that we did!

All the best,


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