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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Healing Therapy of Crochet

 Good morning,

Yesterday I had surgery for two dental implants.  This time it was different than previous implants because the new doc (previous doc retired) prescribed a medication for me to take before I arrived at the office so that I would be "groggy" by the time I got there.  Of course, My Honey drove me to the appointment and brought me home. I was given other medications after I arrived at the doctor's office.

 After we came home and I had a nap, I found comfort with the relaxing rhythm of crochet for the rest of the afternoon as the various medications wore off.  Yes, I'm still quite sore, but sure am glad the surgery is behind me!

That medication that I took in the car on the way certainly did its job for the surgery, but I don't understand why anyone would take any of that stuff for fun. 

All the best,


1 comment:

Tanya said...

Ewww... I hate dental work and the few extractions, root canals etc that I've had make me fearful every time I go to the dentist. But it has to be done! Get well soon!