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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pork Loin

 Good morning,

I recently made a pork loin in the oven.  The two parts in the package fit nicely into a flat corning ware dish that I lined with aluminum and folded tightly over the loin to bake at 350 F for two hours.

It seems every time I make this, it's a little different.  This time it was dry onion soup, mustard, apple sauce, and fresh very locally grown rosemary.  I often use honey in place of the apple sauce.  It's just whatever I have available at the time.

 The locally grown rosemary couldn't have been fresher.  I cut this from our half barrel herb garden on our patio.

I cut a little more than I needed to bake the pork and to decorate the plate for serving.  What I didn't use for the food I cut up and tossed on the carpet, then swept it into the sweeper.  It's amazing how much better the vacuum sweeper smells with a little fresh herbs.  Lavender does the trick, too.  :)



1 comment:

Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

Seeing your rosemary just made me think of something: My baby rosemary bush must have perished! I have not seen it since the cold snap in May. Well! Your pork loin was delicious, I'm sure. Out here we shred it and put it in flour tortillas.