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Monday, July 12, 2021

Spring Cleaning for the Fishies


 Good morning,

Catherine, our daughter, has been so very helpful with our gold fish pond.  For nearly 40 years I cleaned the pond each Spring and Fall.  My back doesn't cooperate any more so our very sweet daughter has volunteered to do it.  

There was a whole lot of "stuff" on the bottom of the pond that she scooped out, making sure she didn't lose any fish with each scoop.  Our ten fish spent 24 hours in these containers while their new, clean water de-chlorinated. 

The fish pond is self sustaining with plenty of food for these fish to grow big and fat.  They were tiny "feeder fish" when Catherine purchased them a few years ago.

 Twenty four hours after refilling, we returned the fish to the pond where they are very, very happy - they told us so, you know.

Here's how the pond looked "before cleaning." The fish do best with some debris in the pond so they have places to hide and shade from the sun.  The green object you see on the left side of the image above is a solar powered aerator.  We've had this one for a few years and some solar cells seem to be damaged so will replace it this year.

Catherine ordered a small solar powered fountain for the pond, too.  Stay tuned and I'll get some images of the fountain and other new additions to our favorite little back yard attraction.

Thank you, Catherine!  The pond is so much fun for all of us!

Love you,


1 comment:

gigi-hawaii said...

That is a lovely gold fish pond. Good for Catherine.