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Saturday, May 22, 2021

WIP Patio Crochet

 Good morning,

The weather is so lovely outside now that Kjell and I have spent several hours each of the last couple of days on the patio.  I took along my current WIP which is the beginning of an afghan for the shop.  I've always loved these colors which makes working on this one a real pleasure.

Kjell had his computer outside so was hard at work designing.

 Between us, our Chief of Security, Erik, was on guard.

Ah, yes, Spring and Retirement go together so nicely!

All the best,



Olde Dame Holly said...

Does Erik have a "lion cut"? My aunt would trim down her Pekes before summer hit, with bare legs but their ruffs left alone.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Holly,

No, Erik doesn't have a special cut. He's a Lab so isn't groomed with haircuts, only baths. He's getting older and his hair is graying, but it is still thick. He does have the small "old man" bald spot on the top of his tail that is similar to bald spots in old male humans. ;) He's 12 now, so 84 in human years.


Tanya said...

Erik looks very serious in his duties.