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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hot Dog Toppings

 Good morning,

Most people have a favorite topping for hot dogs:  mustard, catsup, relish - all of the above.

In Norway (according to My Honey, our resident expert on all things Norwegian), though shrimp salad is a favorite hot dog topping.  Yes, it is delicious.  But, I prefer what you see above without the hot dog.  




Olde Dame Holly said...

The Norwegians, from my ignorant vantage point, are a very interesting people in culinary terms. The strange sandwiches they make, which are not even sandwiches, are open-faced concoctions that make me think they are playing a trick on us, maybe, with their combinations. Shrimp salad on a hotdog! Coleslaw, yes. Mayo, yes. Chili, sure. Even potato chips or french fries loaded on. BUT THE SHRIMP???!!! They are a brave folk. UFF DA.

Lois Evensen said...

Holly, you are SO RIGHT on all points! ;)

Astrid said...

As a Norwegian, I love hot dogs with shrimp salad! Delicious!