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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Catalpa Tree in Bloom

 Good morning,

The giant Catalpa Tree at the bottom of our driveway is in bloom.  The flowers are wonderfully fragrant so we know they are blooming without seeing them.

This is the last large Catalpa we have left.  I've guessed it is 60 feet tall, but may be closer to 80 feet tall.  The wood is soft and easily damaged in storms.  Other smaller trees have reseeded in our yard, but it will be many years before they are this large.  For size perspective the close up in the first image was taken of the area in the middle left of the second image.

 The weather has been cool and windy for the last two days so the blossoms are dropping quickly.  This is one that feel at my feet in the driveway as I was taking pictures of the tree.

These trees were brought to Cincinnati from India as part of the Elephant display at the Cincinnati Zoo.  The trees are very prolific and "escaped" the zoo so are now very common in the area.  

Happy Spring!


1 comment:

Olde Dame Holly said...

Amazing! I had no idea they were found outside of warm areas! What a huge tree.