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Monday, May 17, 2021

Work in Process This Week - Door Snake

 Good morning,

My current Work in Process is a door snake custom order. I generally don't make these for the shop because they are a little tricky to ship, but it can be done.  The one I'm making now will only be about 31" long. 

That's a finished door/window sill snake in the image above.  This one, 50" to 55" long,  has already been delivered to its new owner.  I work from tail to head and stuff as I go so the project gets awkward after the first 12" or so.  I am stuffing with scrap yarn from every project since the last snake I made.  When crocheting and knitting, and I have short pieces left, I save them for the next time I make a snake.  By using yarn to stuff the snake, I get a firmer and slightly heavier snake (good for keeping it in place by the door or window) than if I used fiberfill.  If I wanted a very heavy snake, I would stuff with fabric scraps.  I never use beans as are sometimes recommended for such items because they will swell and rot if the item gets damp or wet.  

The eyes are crocheted rather than button eyes.  Since the snake will normally be in reach of children, I prefer not to have eyes that can be pulled off and swallowed.  I recommend, for the snake's health and welfare, to keep the snake out of the reach of pets.

 Of course, the stitches are tight.  To accommodate the unusual and awkward shape as I go, I feed the finished part of the snake under my left arm and over the arm of my chair as I turn and work on it.  

He's pretty cute, isn't he!   

What are you making, baking, growing today?


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