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Monday, October 3, 2022

This Bed is Juuuuust Right

 Good morning,

Kjell and I were watching a movie last night when I realized I hadn't seen Elsa for awhile.  We have multiple dog beds around the house as well as kennels with soft blankets and  open doors where the pups settle down for a snooze. They are usually nearby in the living room while we are there watching TV in the evenings.

I went upstairs to set up the coffee pot for this morning and found Elsa snuggled up on my bed.  She had even pulled the comforter down so she could put her head on my pillow.  It was all so cute!  Of course, I didn't mind.  

I immediately thought of story of Goldie Locks  and the Three Bears.  Elsa had tried all the other beds in the house and decided that mine was Juuuuuust right!




Rose said...

She was probably hoping you were coming to keep her company.

Tanya said...

Well, she knows Mama would never sleep in a dog bed so yours must be just right!