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Friday, June 10, 2022

Kjell 4, Squirrel 0


Good morning,

Kjell made a little update to the bird feeder cam I showed you a few days ago.  

In addition to pretty Cardinals and other birds at our feeder,

we also caught a squirrel who wanted to be a movie star on our bird feeder cam.

 So, Kjell added the flexible plastic to the bottom of the feeder.  We went back into the house and watched to see how the squirrel would handle this.  

I'm happy to report the squirrel tried to get to the bird seed four times before giving up.

The final score is Kjell 4, Squirrel 0.

Mr. Squirrel isn't starving, however.  He has plenty of bird seed to eat that is dropped beneath the feeder.  He is just not able to hog all the bird seed for himself and keep the birds away by sitting on the feeding platform.

Ah, yes, this is fun!



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