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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Breakfast for Dinner - Banana Pancakes

 Good morning,

It is good to be retired.  We can eat what we want (within reason) when we want.  Breakfast for dinner is a big hit here, but I do work at providing a little variety.

I think the last time I made banana pancakes, the kids were small.  They taste just as good or even better now.  :)

My method is to add the banana slices atop the batter after I've poured it in the pan to fry.

After turning and frying on the "banana side", the rich flavor of toasted banana is quite yummy.  I served these with maple syrup, eggs, and bacon for a very satisfying meal.

Ah, yes, there are very few rules in retirement!



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gigi-hawaii said...

I never had this. Interesting way to cook banana pancakes. Gigi hawaii