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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father's Day and Happy Summer! Summer Dinner - Gravlax and Salad

 Good morning,

Happy Father's Day to My Honey and all the great Dads!  It's also the beginning of Summer and all the wonderful outdoor activities, food, and fun that comes with it.  

This was a yummy warm weather dinner that the whole family helped prepare.

Kjell made the gravlax (recipe here), I made the eggs, salad, and bread (not pictured).  Catherine made the sauce.

Yum!  This meal is a winner every time.

What's your favorite summer meal?


1 comment:

Olde Dame Holly said...

That has to be one of the most interesting and unusual recipes I have ever seen that is still in use in this modern world! It reminds me of a very Nordic version of ceviche, or maybe ceviche is a southern version of gravlax! Wow! A wonderful meal!