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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Dock Divers Extraordinaire

 Good morning,

Our Elsa and Wendy participated in an entire weekend of Dock Diving competition last weekend.  

Our girls each had 12 "splashes" and qualified in each one!  Wow! What a weekend haul!  The qualifying jumps count toward titles and toward an invitation to the National Competition.  See the link below of other posts and the pictures of Wendy at the National Invitational in Orlando, Florida, a few years ago.

 The Dives are called "splashes" for good reason when the pups are doing it.  Wendy relaxed on a chair between splashes.  

I've posted quite a few images of these events here on my blog.  The events last weekend were held at a natural pond.  Some events are held in above ground pools. All of the venues adhere to AKC requirements.   Click here to take a look and be sure to click "more posts" at the bottom of each page

Such fun!  Congratulations to our daughter Catherine who is their trainer and to Wendy and Elsa.  



gigi-hawaii said...

Congratulations! Always nice to be a winner!

Tanya said...

Wet and tired but looking very content.