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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Day Trippin'

 Good morning,

The Covid-19 thing has us staying home most of the time, but there are certain things that we just have to do.  

It has become a joke that our road trips revolve around medical appointments, grocery stores, and the post office.  That's exactly what we did today and it seems to took most of the day.  We are exhausted when we get home.

Anyway., it was fun to take a picture of a freeway sign to remember the trips we used to take to Florida and Texas to cruise ship terminals.  








River Glorious said...

My road trips are the same: to the hospital and back. Except last week. Son #2 took me in his car for a ride, to see the town. It was a nice change.

MarkD60 said...

Here in Cayman, covid is under control. We have no restrictions, no masks, no social distancing. Everyone entering has to be tested and quarantine for two weeks though. I had the first vaccine shot the other day too.