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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Five Dog Night Sleep Over

 Good morning,

 Our pups, Erik, Wendy, and Elsa, invited two friends over for a sleep over and they had a marvelous time.  The two Border Collies are Teddy and Tillie who belong to our friend Erica. 

 Teddy and Tillie know us  and our pups well.  They were so excited when they got here that they "stormed" us as they came in the door.

 Most of what we saw was a blur. 
As they stormed Dad in his chair, I just kept clicking my phone camera.
Everyone had to get into the act...
...and they each had a turn to be petted and sit on Dad's lap.
So cute!

When bed time arrived, Kjell and I took Elsa and Wendy into our room and closed the door so that we could control the number of dogs in our bed.  The rest of them slept with Catherine.

Remember the song "Three Dog Night?"  At our home sometimes it's a five dog night.



1 comment:

Tanya said...

So funny! You all must have huge beds!