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Monday, June 12, 2017


Good morning,

These peaches are growing in our front yard.  We also have squirrels in our front yard and those squirrels will pull off one peach after another, take one bite, then throw them on the ground.

My Dad and Mom always had peach and apple trees on their property.  Dad would spray them every Spring and we would have so much fruit we hardly had time to eat it, make pies with it, and can it.  Of course, we gave plenty of it away, too.

Perhaps it's time for me to figure a way to guard these peaches from the squirrels so we can enjoy some of them. :)



DUTA said...

I'm a great lover of fruit. Unfortunately, in order to prevent weight gain,, we're advised to limit fruit intake because of its high fructose content. That's a blow for me. I could give up a lot of things that are said to lead to weight gain, but as regards fruit I find it very hard to keep disciplined.

Blogoratti said...

Must be nice to have that growing nearby. Greetings!