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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cardinal Buffet

Good morning,

I did a great deal of zooming with my phone camera to get this picture of the cardinal at the end of the hose I was using to siphon water from our gold fish pond.  Since there has been limited rain here recently, the ground was soaking up the water from the pond and there were plenty of yummy critters that became cardinal snacks.
In this image you can see the drain hose in the pond at the top of the picture.  I drain approximately one third of the water a couple of times a year and refill with fresh water.  That keeps the fish happy with plenty of places to hide among the leaves and other matter in the pond.  The objective is not to have it totally cleaned out or the food sources of algae, worms, and bugs that the fish eat would no longer be available.

The pond is self sustaining.  The large gold fish we have in it have been living there for at least the last eight years.  They started out as feeder fish from a local pet store and grew up to be beautiful gold fish.

What is (and who are!) growing in your garden?


1 comment:

Blogoratti said...

Beautiful Cardinal and great effort with the shots. Greetings!