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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Vikings Came to Town

Good morning,

The Vikings came to Cincinnati in the form of an exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
As we approached the Museum Center, we noticed it is being renovated.  You may recognize the building as the home of The Joker in one of the Batman movies.  Originally, this building was Union Terminal, the central train station in Cincinnati. 
We were permitted to take pictures, but not use flash so I don't have many pictures and those I do have aren't the best.  Still, I took the pictures I could to record our trip.
This is a Stav Church, one of only a few that remain in Norway. While we've been in Norway we have seen these in person.  They are incredible.  Christianity came late in Norway so when you see these churches in the current Vikings television series, they are definitely an error in period history.
 It was very, very dark in the museum, but I was able to get this image at a display of a very old Viking ship that was found.  Below the steel superstructure you see, in the very bottom and at the bottom of the image, is approximately 25% of an old wood Viking ship.  It image on the screen is how the original ship probably looked.
 The Viking Culture was very developed.  Stone carvings have recorded their history.
 This is a smaller Viking boat that would have been used for river and shore travel.
 A great deal of jewelry has been found.
 And, finally, as we were leaving the exhibit, the story of horns on Viking helmets was explained.  Actually, there were NO horns on real Viking helmets.
 The horns were added to costumes for theater and opera productions.  Now, of course, we see them everywhere for plays and sports teams.

Although these pictures weren't so great, they do provide some record of our trip to the Viking display at the Museum Center in Cincinnati.  This was a traveling display and has now closed to move on to other cities.

Since My Honey was born in Norway, we have made many to the "Old Country."  Here's a post from 2015 about a Viking Ship being built on Oslo Fjord in Toensberg, just outside our hotel room:


I also have many, many other posts about our visits to Norway here should you be interested to explore:





GingerG17 said...

Cincinnati is my home town and where I've lived all my life. I love the Union Terminal! Haven't been to the museums in a couple of years...guess it's time for another visit.

DUTA said...

Your photos are quite good. The Museum Center in Cincinnati looks impressive!
Good for you to have visited such a lovely country like Norway!

Marit Johanne said...

It is interesting to see and read about the Viking exhibition!